Top 12 Dragon Ball Fights | 7 | DBCember 2018 | Team Four Star (TFS)



  • An Onion 6 months ago

    Sure is a lot of not killing Goku going on.

  • Stephen Becerra 5 months ago

    CurlyMaster 69 “oh but my pride grr I wish I were a carrot!”

  • best part is when cell blasted a hole in piccolo and tossed that trash in the ocean and absorb that mechanical mess 17

  • Jackie McCann 6 months ago

    *“HELLZONE GRENADE!”*“Aw man, it’s even got a cool name...”

  • Adam Clark 6 months ago

    A move that Vegeta totally doesnt steal at any time in the anime =3

  • Jwg II 6 months ago

    Gum gum pistol

  • McBaron 6 months ago

    I don't know what this "GT" is but it sounds dissapointing.

  • OmegaReconGaming 27 days ago

    Majin Silver SS4? GarbageA garbage storyOnly focusing on goku, because fuck all the other characters we know and love.Power scaling? You mean that thing that doesn’t exist? Power levels were a meme because how inconsistent they’ve always been.The OG is garbage.Xenoverse is garbage. Play better games like fighterZ.

  • OmegaReconGaming 27 days ago

    Seru oolong has nothing cool about him. Atleast jiran had presence to his power. Oolong, pilaf, garlic junior. All lame villains. Jiran isn’t the best antagonist but he’s nowhere near the worst.

  • VINOS 6 months ago


  • Seinen Guy 6 months ago

    @rizeup88 Nothing just...nostalgia.

  • rizeup88 6 months ago

    @Seinen Guy What?

  • “Are you even *trying* to hit me?”“NO”

  • Gabriel Napierala 4 months ago


  • Prolific Pops 6 months ago

    @KILLMONGER was RIGHT Ok. Lol. Glad you caught that.

  • Carlos979797 6 months ago

    Farmer with a shotgun vs Raditz better be number 1

  • Arsal Naveed 6 months ago

    The list is top 12 dragon Ball fights not one sided trashing from Farmer with shotgun- sama

  • Nero Renatus 6 months ago

    Idk guys, can you even call that a fight, Raditz didn't stand a chance and it all ended in seconds

  • KiSwordsman 6 months ago

    I personally just like the respect that piccolo got with this fight.

  • Prolific Pops 6 months ago

    This fight gave Piccolo some clout

  • warriorking4ever 6 months ago

    Agreed, Piccolo deserves more love these days, he was able to keep up with the saiyans for years, and with everything we've seen in Super regarding all these different super powered alien beings, I see no reason why Piccolo couldn't also achieve God ki and catch-up with Vegeta and Goku@Zachary Schaefer

  • EmDub 6 months ago

    Didn't impact the story? It showed Cell where the androids were, allowing him to reach his perfect form!

  • yugfus 6 months ago

    @Shigai97 No, it wasn't. He changed Tien's way of thinking in the process but he specifically says the reason for quitting the match is that, "His pupils will never stop training and working to be their best and that the spirit of martial arts is strong in the new generation."

  • Shigai97 6 months ago

    @yugfus And the reason he stepped aside that fight in the 22th tournament was to change Tenshinhans ways of thinking......

  • khan 6 months ago

    Piccolo is definitely the most untapped potential for coolness in the series. Really wish Toriyama gave him more moments like this.

  • KingIceHunter 6 months ago

    The guy would be the perfect candidate for the kaioken with his healing factor.

  • TheScape55 6 months ago

    Considering Toriyama has apparently stated Piccolo is his favorite character, you'd think he'd give him that old Toriyama handjob and let him be cool again.

  • DrXaiver 6 months ago

    “What are you doing?!”“Getting space!”Back flips 20 more times

  • Prolific Pops 6 months ago


  • DrXaiver 6 months ago

    @Sam Loeffler xD Best guy yet