The Future of Rivian + Amazon + Ford Motors | w/ Warren Redlich

  • Published on:  3/5/2021
  • Amazon, which is backing Rivian along with Ford Motor Co., is buying 100,000 electric vans that are custom-built for Amazon Prime. The first vehicles were due to start making deliveries this year. Rivian recently raised $2.65 billion in new funding from T. Rowe Price Group Inc., in an attempt take on Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck. Rivian plans to build a full-size battery-powered sport-utility vehicle (R1S) and truck (R1T) at a plant in downstate Normal, a retooled former Mitsubishi Motors Corp. factory. Can Rivian dominate the EV truck market and the Tesla Cybertruck?

    Guest: Warren Redlich
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    ~The Future of Rivian + Amazon + Ford Motors | w/ Warren Redlich~
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