17 Year Old takes DMV Driver's Test in Bugatti Chiron



  • ItZ_ApPle CiDEr
    ItZ_ApPle CiDEr 11 months ago+1111

    I drove a 1999 supercharged walmart shopping cart

  • FatCat
    FatCat 21 days ago+179

    I want a tank for my driving test

  • Water Bottle
    Water Bottle 14 days ago+185

    Rich people: drives expensive super cars
    Me in September 21:
    Flys an alien space ship

  • Jake Moss
    Jake Moss 21 days ago+241

    This dudes driver test was way harder than mine lol I drove around the block they said here you go

  • Aidan 1121
    Aidan 1121 14 days ago+137

    Driving instructor: Acceleration is jerky.
    Matt: you do know this car has 1500 horsepower correct?

  • Subscribe to me for no reason

    Has 50 million worth of cars
    puts keys in a plastic bag

  • zach rubin
    zach rubin 7 days ago+56

    "you got one marking.... you're accelerating at one point was a little jerky"
    .....it's a bugatti chiron doing 30

  • RoarShin
    RoarShin 21 days ago+52

    I like the PewDiePie paint job on the veyron 😂

  • Ed ger
    Ed ger 2 days ago+1

    These guys are cringy, I would’ve been like gtfo

  • The Redstoner
    The Redstoner 3 days ago+2

    I would like to drive a tesla so I dont fail
    Big brain inc boiiis

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 3 months ago+1323

    Lucky bastard, I drove my bicycle for my driver's test.

  • Bryson Wantland
    Bryson Wantland 21 days ago+19

    For my driving test I want to drive a 2004 Ford Mustang 40th anniversary


    To nervous to drive a Bugatti for my driving test hopefully a Honda accord😂😂😂

  • Minnier Media Enerprises

    I drove a 2018 Mazda CX-5 for my drivers test

  • Zazy Gaming
    Zazy Gaming 21 days ago+38

    You: drives a $3million car to your driving test
    Me with my Subaru hatchback: I’ve seen pricier!

  • Abraham Adams
    Abraham Adams 6 months ago+1297

    He acts like he has never even seen his own cars.

  • xXTonyXx Boi
    xXTonyXx Boi yesterday+2


  • Onics
    Onics 7 days ago+19

    Drinking game: Drink one everytime he mentions that this dude got picked up by a Bugatti Chiron from High school

  • WouterB76
    WouterB76 yesterday

    I passed my drivers test in a sperm killing VW Golf 4...
    The in very far distance older cousin of the Chiron....sort off...

  • Tyler ormsbee
    Tyler ormsbee 21 days ago+25

    Would like to do the test in a 1969 Ford Mustang fastback