Here Goes Nothing...

  • Published on:  12/10/2017
  • The Amazon experience is underway and the week long journey begins here! 2 googans, set out on the world's largest river to chase after anything that swims. The main prize is peacock bass but anything the Amazon has to offer is fair game. I hope you guys are mega pumped for yet another international trip series. Let me know if you enjoyed Ch. 1 in the comments! Thanks and keep fishing!!
    --Young Plugg

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  • NuSkool Fishing
    NuSkool Fishing 1 months ago

    Amazonian native running off with Parics camera haha

  • Jack Snow
    Jack Snow 2 months ago

    you have any tips for going to south america??

  • Matt Bershinsky
    Matt Bershinsky 3 months ago

    12:11 the boat driver does the catholic blessing thing 😂

  • Alex Brillant
    Alex Brillant 3 months ago

    The guide blesses himself as they leave the mothership. Never know if the amazon will swallow you.

  • William Junior
    William Junior 4 months ago

    Very nice , I’m Brazilian from São Paulo and love fishing in Amazon , next time here advise me to fishing togheter

  • Quentin Fuselier
    Quentin Fuselier 4 months ago

    Love the videos Jon, but you really expect us to believe you just booked this trip on that boat without confirming its condition? Just sayin man. Looking forward to more videos!

  • 666 gg
    666 gg 4 months ago


  • Brian Valcourt
    Brian Valcourt 5 months ago

    honestly would love to fish with you sometime bro

  • Next Gen103
    Next Gen103 5 months ago+1

    Song at 2:42 great editing

  • Vinnie G.
    Vinnie G. 5 months ago

    0:24 He shocks us all with that thing

  • Death Ball
    Death Ball 5 months ago


  • Jim Womack
    Jim Womack 5 months ago

    I finally am making progress with catch up and got to the videos I was really looking forward too.

  • Syaiful Nazry
    Syaiful Nazry 6 months ago

    Nicer vid is it

  • Lol's Fishing Adventures

    You lucky lucky boys! Thoroughly enjoying the Amazon adventure! I do same in Thailand, where my wife is from (I’m English).

  • Alec Lander
    Alec Lander 6 months ago

    this is insane! would love to go on a trip like this

  • 45 Fishing
    45 Fishing 7 months ago

    Who thought Peric would lose his wallet

  • Julie Rose
    Julie Rose 7 months ago

    Keep up the great work Jon B you are my motivation to get out and keep fishing.keep fishing never stop

  • McKenna Brown
    McKenna Brown 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the guy driving the little boat crossing himself as they were leaving??

  • Zackary Springborn
    Zackary Springborn 7 months ago

    Try Emily Minnesota

  • John Bernard
    John Bernard 7 months ago

    Snakehead fishing Florida Everglades??? I want to see that video