Crazy and Desperate Music Video - Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • buy the song on iTunes here! Paytas Jason Nash Paytas hair and makeup @adamlesimmonsTrisha Paytas wardrobe Michael Philpot Music production Jeremy Thurber , Connor Mussara, Jaimie ValezDIRECTED BY:Andrew Vallentinewww.andrewvallentine.comPRODUCED BY: www.theavcrew.videoPRODUCER: Brittany KayDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick RamseyPRODUCTION DESIGNER: Jason ChadwickTRISHA PAYTAS WARDROBE DESIGNER:Mike PhilpotTRISHA PAYTAS HAIR/MAKEUP: Adam SimmonsCOLORIST:Kinan Chabani1st AD: Dylan McGaleSet Decorator: Lindsey CantrellLead Man: Matt BurnsCarpenter: Tess MirleyKey Grip: Adam SchneiderGaffer: Tommy OceanakBest Boy Grip: Michael ProaBest Boy Electric: Nasser Akkari1st AC: Aaron Seller2nd AC: Luke PeckhamPA: Craig FairbanksPA: Monique ParedesFeatured Talent:Drama Teacher: Marina KanafskyMusicians:Ed JoswickCary MizrobeRicky SchultzRufus TanksleyMichael WilsonBackground:Claude AdamsStarlene BeranTimothy HellerRobb JamesErica LauAngiee LombanaLuca NicoraTyler RamierezSelynne SilverJoy Williams


  • Chloe Cooper
    Chloe Cooper 6 months ago+5021

    Okay who’s gonna tell them Sharpay and Ryan are brother and sister

  • Marion Pineda
    Marion Pineda 5 months ago+1741

    I think this must be trish's best music video ever.

  • hope
    hope 5 months ago+1729

    can’t believe all these iconic movies took inspiration from this video

  • sparklyclarke
    sparklyclarke 5 months ago+1931

    potentially unpopular opinion, but like... I fricken LOVE the video, they nailed it and got every reference bang on!

  • crappydayz
    crappydayz 4 months ago+435

    okay but like Jason's voice is actually good

  • Leila B
    Leila B 6 months ago+3871

    My two last brain cells meeting each other

  • Jenny White
    Jenny White 3 months ago+453

    This makes me feel sad :/ love this song but I Kinda wish they worked Out

  • Simply Zee West
    Simply Zee West 5 months ago+405

    Why do I actually love this so much!?

  • Nitsku
    Nitsku 6 months ago+709

    Absolutely love the song, so catchy and the lyrics just pop.
    I cannot stop thinking how they keep singing "what did I do to deserve you" which can be taken both in a positive and negative sense... that's simply brilliant.

  • Colleen Gearty
    Colleen Gearty 5 months ago+786

    Ryan and Sharpay are brother and sister sooo there’s that

  • NooR Fatima
    NooR Fatima 6 months ago+6806

    When the music video is a true depiction if your relationship. Toxic and confusing.

  • MeNoClimb
    MeNoClimb 5 months ago+402

    lmfao. this music video shows exactly what their relationship is like and it looks like theyre aware of how toxic it is.

  • ctessla
    ctessla 3 months ago+128

    Here after the trisha yes we broke up video, this song is even more tragic now.

  • Emma Wallander
    Emma Wallander 5 months ago+508

    Music producers: How much auto tune?
    Trisha: Yes.

  • a n x i o u s
    a n x i o u s 2 months ago+31

    this kinda makes me miss them together but I think it was needed that they broke up :((

  • Jesicca Parkerd
    Jesicca Parkerd 6 months ago+1973

    Aren’t Sharpay and Ryan... siblings?

  • anonymous941
    anonymous941 1 months ago+73

    It's sad. They really loved eachother, but they weren't meant for eachother. Sometimes love doesn't save a relationship no matter how strong it may be.

  • Caitlin Cannon
    Caitlin Cannon 3 months ago+63

    jason smiling and waving a knife is a WHOLE ASS MOOD 😂😂😂

  • Raidedbasket 82319
    Raidedbasket 82319 5 months ago+251

    Bro so she just full on stabed him and he tried to drown her in the bathtub then the next second she singing “i found someone incredible” wtf

  • Bryce Hurd
    Bryce Hurd 2 months ago+26

    Idc what happens, this will always be one of my favorite songs.