I DIY'd Emma Chamberlain's new clothing line

  • Published on:  7/29/2018
  • JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: https://hellojuniper.com/channel/UCki... JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: https://hellojuniper.com/channel/UCki... If you want any of the clothes I made...call me ;)


  • amy kennedy
    amy kennedy 11 months ago+16965

    emma used to make videos like this about overpriced clothes...
    the circle of life

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova 3 months ago+10776

    Emma Chamberlain: creates clothing line
    Joana: i’m about to end this girl’s whole career
    edit: okay. why are all the most popular comments on youtube vids the most toxic? i just wanna say, of course irl joana would never have a chance of ending emma chamberlain's career, what i said is just an overrated joke. also, no hate to emma, i don't even really know who she is tbh

  • DunDun Productions
    DunDun Productions 3 months ago+6544

    Oh, you'll call your clothing line "Highkey"?
    Try Hikea.

  • e l o i s e
    e l o i s e 2 months ago+4225

    conspiracy theory: joana iS THE ONE hand making emma chaimberlain’s clothing line

  • The Science Lab
    The Science Lab 1 months ago+1272

    Joana: sews new clothes from scratch
    Also Joana: My mom will blow dry my hair because I can't do it

  • Melina Tejada
    Melina Tejada 7 days ago +319

    Imagine if she went with the aquaman parody

  • Lilly Moorefield
    Lilly Moorefield 14 days ago+543

    Wait, why is her towel that big. Is it just towel material. I’m confused 😂

  • lovebasket xx
    lovebasket xx 21 days ago+659

    I changed the comment so the replies won’t make sense 👁👅👁

  • Saray Hatfield
    Saray Hatfield 14 days ago+257

    ”It worked. $40 uh sweetheart, try 5.”
    I can’t breath

  • alyssa hansen
    alyssa hansen 8 months ago+5795

    very salty and angry 9 year old emma chamberlain fans have entered the chat

  • Queen Katara
    Queen Katara 7 days ago+142

    When I first watched this video, Joana had 72k subs. 11 months later and she has 2.7 million subs. I am so proud.

  • FaZe Emerge
    FaZe Emerge 2 days ago+10

    Your the only person who can entertain me by sewing......😂

  • Nawal Yasser
    Nawal Yasser 2 days ago+6

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Not even the dead:
    Subtitles: * coughs in Portuguese*
    Me: wheezing

  • Katie
    Katie 14 days ago+168

    literally not a single soul in the whole universe:
    joana: coughs randomly

  • Jada Jones
    Jada Jones 11 months ago+87900

    My recommended vids are actually doing great for once😂

  • BTS_trash Armylife
    BTS_trash Armylife 14 days ago+126

    sister squad:dead
    hotel? trivago

  • Izabell Hunter
    Izabell Hunter 3 months ago+205

    zack stop
    Zack stop you’re gonna get in trouble
    Zack stoooppp

  • What?! You’ve never played Tuber Simulator

    Joana: I am no longer a d- on social blade I am a d+
    Me: this reminds me off my exam scores

  • cai grav
    cai grav 7 days ago+48

    Joana: “I’m not going to see anything else again”
    Also Joana: sews things together

  • Avi Jay
    Avi Jay 6 days ago+27

    This was the first video I’ve ever watched of you, I am now a fellow subscriber, love you joana!!