10 Bizarre Things With Weird Explanations!

  • Published on:  5/26/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! Have you ever stumbled upon something you couldn’t identify, no matter how closely you examined it? You’re not alone. From creepy teeth to feather balls, here are 10 mysterious things with weird explanations from the internet!

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    10. Terrifying Teeth
    Last year, images of what appeared to be a jaw with four large, knife-like teeth (?) appeared on Reddit’s “What is this thing” thread. Do you know what it is??

    9. Monkey Slug
    What the heck is this?? Sometimes mistaken for a hairy spider or some crumpled up leaves, this is actually a caterpillar!! They are furry with six hairy arms that curl out from each side of its body. As it wanders around, it is very curious to watch, but honestly it also is extremely creepy. This caterpillar transforms into the hag moth (Phobetron pithecium).

    8. Peculiar Pouches
    When Reddit user ‘Slab_Amberson’ found tiny, multi-colored pouches on the hood of their truck in the parking lot of a local park, they looked to the “What is this thing” thread for answers. “The pouches seem to be filled with herbs, it smells like potpourri,” they wrote, also mentioning later on in the comment thread that they were tied together with a white string.

    7. Mysterious Truck
    Reddit user ‘eli_liam’ posted a photograph of a large, unmarked blue Mercedes-Benz truck decked out in cab and fog lights, and with a ladder and a white circle on the side, parked in front of a house and a mountain. Many who responded speculated that the image wasn’t even real, and that it was from a video game or a movie scene.

    6. Strange Stone Carving
    Several months ago, a Reddit user from outside Philadelphia found a pointed stone slab underneath a fallen tree. It had a geometric symbol on one side and the year “1777” carved into the other side. There was also a circular hole on the side of the stone.

    5. Blue Gunk Burger
    In July 2019, Reddit user ‘oaktoast’ posted a photo of a McDonald’s double quarter pounder with cheese, as well as a crumbly blue substance that they described as having a “chemical flavoured” taste. Naturally, they took to the “What is this thing” thread to try figuring out what was the alarming mystery substance they had unintentionally ingested.

    4. Weird Structure In The Forest
    Sometime last year, someone discovered a cylindrical stone structure in a forest in southern Germany and sought help identifying it from fellow Redditors. The small capsule, which was about six-and-a-half feet (2 meters) tall and had the year “1948” on the side, looked big enough to fit one or two people and had a door on the outside.

    3. Metal Detector Mystery
    While testing out their brand new metal detector one day in East Hampton, Connecticut, Reddit user ‘FJCruisin’ found a rusty metal ring reading “1489 NY & NE RR.” It looked pretty old, and as it turned out, it was!

    2. Turtle Human
    While vacationing in Japan, a tourist who doesn’t know how to read Japanese stumbled upon a bizarre display that more-or-less looked like a drawing of a human man drowning in an oversized rib cage, with his arms in the air. The only English words on the sign read “How to Make a Turtle Human.”

    1. Weird Feather Ball
    Around three months ago, Reddit user dfbjam posted a photograph of a perfectly round ball of feathers on the “birdwatching” thread, which they spotted in a field near their home. Other similar objects have appeared on Reddit’s “What is this thing” thread.