Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold vs Galaxy Z Fold 2 with Camera Test: Should Samsung Worry?

  • Published on:  5/16/2021
  • As a part of my Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Review I wanted to do a Mi Mix Fold vs Galaxy Z Fold 2 Comparison to show you how they compare. Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is probably the biggest comparison right now until the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 releases later this year. Buy Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold here: https://28mobile.com/

    Also enjoy the Mi Mix Fold vs Galaxy Z Fold 2 Camera Test Comparison included in this video if you want to see a more extensive camera comparison let me know in the comments. If you also want to see a Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Unboxing and dedicated camera review to test the Mi Mix Fold liquid lens more? Are these foldables your choice right now or are you waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3? Galaxy Z Fold 3 Unboxing and review will be live as soon as it releases so subscribe to the channel!

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    Chapter Markers:

    0:00 Intro
    0:41 Unboxing
    1:08 Hardware Comparison
    2:06 Display and Hinge Comparison
    4:53 Power and Battery
    6:04 Software
    8:03 Camera Test Comparison
    14:19 Conclusion