Tragic Details About The Three Stooges

  • Published on:  7/11/2020
  • Moe, Larry, and Curly were just a few funny fellas who grew up in the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately for them, the knocks didn't stop coming after they hit it big in showbusiness. Here's a look at the tragic true-life story of the men known as The Three Stooges.

    Moses Horwitz, better known to fans as as Moe Howard, was the group's fearless leader. He was born in a small Jewish community outside Brooklyn, the second youngest of five brothers. He had shoulder-length hair and was ruthlessly picked on for it. So one day he decided to give his locks a big chop. The result was the famous bowl cut he became known for, long before The Beatles made it cool.

    Moe survived the bullying in grade school, but he dropped out of high school after just two months, as he was far more interested in something else: showbiz. He would stand outside the local theater waiting for someone to buy him a 10-cent ticket. When he'd get in, he'd stand at the top of the balcony, chin on the railing, dreaming about becoming an actor one day.

    He hustled at the theater, running errands and doing odd jobs until he got his own gig performing in blackface at minstrel shows along the Mississippi River. In 1922, Moe and his brother Samuel, aka Shemp, linked up with Ted Healy and brought their boyhood jostling to vaudeville.

    Watch the video to learn the tragic real-life story of The Three Stooges.


    High school dropout Moe | 0:00
    Larry's acid burn | 1:07
    One-of-a-kind Curly | 2:04
    Injured by their own stunts | 2:45
    Getting ripped off | 3:49
    Fighting fascism from home | 5:02
    Curly's tragic death | 5:56
    Shemp's short-lived return | 6:57
    Abruptly laid off | 7:38
    One final comeback | 8:15
    Tragic curtain call | 9:01

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