• Published on:  8/8/2017
  • Happy Monday everybody! Didn't expect to split my head wide open after cracking my skull on a metal pole at the bottom of a massive slip and slide. But at least I got the whole bloody painful mess on video!

    What a slippery start to the week! Our good friends set up a massive slip and slide in their backyard (and I mean like epic, record sized, massive). We got together with them and our VLOGGER BESTIES the Gardner Quad Squad! The family started without Dad (me) and had a great time. When I arrived things got a little more... "interesting".

    To kick things off I got shoved down the waterslide in my work clothes by my oldest son RyGuy. After changing into my swimsuit, the very first run down the water slide I went head first as fast as I could. I hadn't seen anyone else go down the slide and I assumed I would stop long before the metal fence and cement basketball court at the end of it because like I said, it was massive!

    Well, I flew down the slip n slide and did not stop or even slow down one bit. I was still head first but facing backwards when I slammed my head right into the metal pole and scrapped my back across the cement basketball court. Shredding the skin on my back and cracking my head right open! I stumbled when I first tried to stand up and that's when Mindy knew I was serious. I reached up to touch the giant goose egg on my head and was surprised to see my fingers covered in blood.

    Thankfully, there was too much fun left to be had and so the party didn't stop! I didn't get checked for stitches but I'm sure I'm just fine. And as far as I know I did not suffer a concussion. So all is well that ends well and it sure makes for an epic video to share with all of you!!

    That wasn't the only epic moment caught on video either! You have to watch the miraculous "quad pass" as Ashley Gardner comes flying by her husband Tyson and snatches one of the quads right from his arms!! Whole thing caught on video: https://www.201tube.com/video/qcCe27XBt9g/video.html

    Yesterday's VLOG: https://www.201tube.com/video/2MnT4mzmrWk/video.html

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