• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Mega Granny has taken over our world!Jen's Channel! SHIRTS! Book!! my Facebook!! this 1.12 Granny Takes Over Minecraft Custom Map:A giant Robot Granny has taken over our world! Can we solve his puzzles and destroy him in this challenge?Intro by: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: Spag Heddy: this 1.12.2 Living Blocks Mod Showcase:This Minecraft Mod adds in mobs that are made of blocks! They have crazy abilities and are super powerful! You will not survive this challenge!Intro by: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: Spag Heddy: Free Music by


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  • Lupe Lopez 6 months ago

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  • Billy Edmond 6 months ago

    These comments seriously need to die.

  • ameena salah 1 months ago

    Pat do like your mincraft skin if you argee i really enjoy this map

  • Flared Voice 5 months ago

    How many granny videos did they film?Anyone in 2019?

  • Flared Voice mobile legends hanabi really?

  • Jenny Pham 5 days ago

    Flared Voice They broke up

  • Brayden Mccosker 18 days ago

    And I forgot to write something else I wrote this in the year 2019

  • hall hall 8 months ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I like my own comments cuz no one will too!!😋🤓😕

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    roses are red, violets are blue you diddnt no blokcs HAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHA jen ^-^

  • Pengy And Ellie Show! 10 months ago

    Please do a bat hide and seek...😊 I SHALL NOT BE IGNORED!!!!!!

  • Brandon Dedmore 4 days ago

    Nightmare Studio's I love you and I wish you could have been there for me

  • Brandon Dedmore 4 days ago

    Pengy And Ellie Show! Ok I can not get my own phone to get it to work

  • 9:12 the jumpscare scaredne so bad

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    9:13 R.I.P headphone users. Edit: Yes I liked my own comment.

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    I care :P

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    Allen Larremore why are you mentioning liking your own comment, nobody cares lol.

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    34:46 she sounds like a ghast XD

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    Pat ur the most important, awesome person I've ever heard of. If u agreed make it blue 👇🏻