• Published on:  1/4/2019
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  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 7 days ago+17

    Who’s better
    I liked my own comment

  • _im_sabin_
    _im_sabin_ 6 months ago+449

    R.I.P. credit card
    (Edit:thx for all likes!)

  • Katherine Flores
    Katherine Flores 6 months ago+181

    If you want V-bucks like

  • Pickle911
    Pickle911 4 months ago+9

    Preston every time I watch you when I am sad you make my day

  • Robin Bates
    Robin Bates 2 days ago

    Preston when I am bored or sad you make my day

  • Anthony Kruger
    Anthony Kruger 2 months ago+4

    Josh and preston please let me know if you you guys have a 1v1

  • Amanda Kitts
    Amanda Kitts 3 days ago

    TBNRFRAGS RULES in streaming and I play FORTNITE

  • Aadam Aadam
    Aadam Aadam 6 months ago+6

    4:50 u need comikazie man that was scuffed

  • Keira C.
    Keira C. 7 months ago+12

    Press this button
    It will turn blue

  • Molina_Gaming
    Molina_Gaming 6 months ago+9

    hey preston make a video u and josh and 1v1 in creative with only snipers and see who win the goal is 10 kills

  • jermiah Lopez
    jermiah Lopez 21 days ago+3

    Josh is not the best fortnite 13 year old faze highsky which is Patrick

  • AArismendez Vlogs
    AArismendez Vlogs 2 months ago+4

    TBNRfrags is the best YouTube channel ever 😉

  • Matt R
    Matt R 3 months ago+23

    Anybody else in season 9 (only 3 days left season 8 so technically 9) like if u are

  • lil_adxm
    lil_adxm 7 months ago+296

    Who else noticed how many blue hunting rifles he missed

  • Gerald 7 W
    Gerald 7 W 2 months ago+3

    I need v-bucks

  • Seble Gebeyehu Woldemedhen

    Preston: BEST 13 YEAR OLD!
    FaZe H1ghsk1: Hold my apple juice!

  • Odette Perez
    Odette Perez 4 months ago+3

    R.I.P Prestons credit card :)

  • norma lagmay
    norma lagmay 6 months ago+5

    Can I 1v1 Josh Epic:SkillfulBot

  • Ninjas Hyper9220
    Ninjas Hyper9220 7 months ago+84

    Yo on your fourth kill you missed a blue hunting rifle . Like if you agree

  • Isaiah Konishi
    Isaiah Konishi 1 months ago+2

    This is how much kills josh will get next video