Burger King's NEW French Toast Sandwich REVIEW!

  • Published on:  3/25/2021
  • the iconic #BurgerKing has released their NEW French Toast Sandwiches menu! They have sausage, bacon, and ham! this is my #review and please let me know in the comments which NEW #FastFood items you want me to try!

    so the sausage sandwich was my favorite! the burger king sausage patty has a lot of flavor and the texture was nice in the french toast sandwich! the bacon one was actually ok too! the bacon was crispy which was a nice balance to the french toast! and the burger king ham sandwich was my least favorite! it really didn't stand out at all! the actual burger king french toast was not good in my opinion! it had too much egg and the texture was so not good!

    overall i didn't really like burger kings french toast sandwich! if the actual french toast isn't good at all then how is the sandwich gonna be good! Please let me know what other new fast food menu items or restaurants you guys would like me to review in the comments below! Thank you for watching!


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