Russ - Missin You Crazy (Official Audio)

  • Published on:  9/6/2018
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    Produced by Russ

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  • nieyababii
    nieyababii yesterday

    man this a vibe vibe

  • Daniel Neres
    Daniel Neres yesterday

    Cadê os brasileiros?

  • VorTex
    VorTex yesterday

    S U S .

  • Taryn Brindle
    Taryn Brindle 2 days ago


  • ธนัญชัย โสภาจร

    ยังโอมบอกว่าชอบเพลงนี้เลยตามมาฟัง55555​ ✋

  • Film ! ?
    Film ! ? 2 days ago+1

    You so noob

  • Paula R
    Paula R 3 days ago


    NEARMUSICBEATS 3 days ago

    It's wierd hearing an american say "houthi"

  • Leticia Gonzales
    Leticia Gonzales 3 days ago

    Russ baby !!!! you's killing th e MUSIC GAME!! JUST REMEMBER to KEEP IT 100%.

  • GLL Q TH
    GLL Q TH 3 days ago


  • Kody Cruz
    Kody Cruz 3 days ago

    I love my wife so much

  • Sharlea Puyette
    Sharlea Puyette 3 days ago+1

    The relationship I have been in has had its own time she’s been between me and her other dude, shit hurts when I do think about it , I thought I was truly happy and I thought I found the one that I was going to get to say my I DO’s with . It’s been a constant battle fighting for years and now I’m going back into my mind to stay she said I love you forever NO MATTER WHAT . I promise. She said I love you unconditionally and for eternity and her heart belongs to me and olny me ? But I ask then why are you still telling me your leaving n you have to or when I ask why she does the same thing every time she come to see me . I never thought I’d be happy the way I was with her, before I met her I lost my gf to self harm while I was trying to get her to tell me why she felt that way and she could never say , she would get so close to saying what made her feel like she didn’t have any way out , and one morning September 20th 2009 I was woken up to the information that she had passed , she was my first Real relationship I had I loved her so much after the services I had visitors come to my house and pray , sit ,joke ,laugh ,remember the way she was happy in life we both were , I started to stay in my room and sleep and sleep all day and then it turned into everyday , my friends and family would come over to visit me even tho I was still sleeping they would sit in my room n carry on like I was awake ,until I did wake up , I would ask how long you been here some times they would be 3 to 5 hours til I woke up but they didn’t seem to mind as long as I wasn’t alone in my time of grieving, for three and a half years , and I finally decided to start getting myself into a new way of thinking about life and how to start a new one , but I told myself that I could never see myself with any one but her and now that she’s gone and I started believing that she was , I was 17 years old before I even had a relationship with anyone, I don’t have love for very many people and she was just what I needed, and it ended so abruptly, I didn’t know why ? Standing with her mom and dad trying to make sense of what her life was like before she met me , her people often told me she was always drinking and fighting, they told me they never seen her so happy and sober for that long , I asked how come it’s two weeks since we had a drink. And that they were happy to know she had a stable relationship with me , and she was going back to school, and then her cousin came over asking if we wanted to chill with them I always made the decisions about what we would do , but for some reason I looked at her and asked her what do you want to do because I didn’t want to say yeah we would, on account that we were sober two weeks , I’m the type of person who asks you what you want to do and then I will see , make a decision. I didn’t want to drink but I didn’t want to be asked n peer pressure. Three years later I met my current ex girlfriend, she was cute happy bouncy and she wasn’t shy to show you or even speak about how she felt , even if you did know her, she would have been there or around just to meet you , and she did , I kinda went for it but I also didn’t know her like that to be doing such a thing I wasn’t so spontaneous anymore I was kinda drawn back shielded. She would come over to see my sister and ask her what I’m doing haha , and one day she came next door with her dad and boyfriend at the time my best friend my partner in crime. We sat on my porch and the whole time , I noticed that he was kinda burnt out and I couldn’t figure out why he had never spoken about her or even mentioning that he had a gf or even told her who I was and we were talking about a month ago and he asked me one night who I was txt and I told him this girl named april I was to busy txt her i didn’t even know he was mad and probably hurt , he punched my car later that night after we had a few with my friend and I was trying to be with her at the time and he and I were always going places and busy so I didn’t see what was happening but he went to round up 2 weeks later and came back with two girls , she ended up going to his aunty house and told him what was going on, she ended up with me and it’s a lot more than I thought to type

  • Erenzo Scroggins
    Erenzo Scroggins 3 days ago+1

    I'm Viben Baby... This song Hit the spot everytime!!!

  • บัก แบงค์


  • ImAPumpkin
    ImAPumpkin 3 days ago

    Russ sound like chance the rapper

  • J Arsenal
    J Arsenal 3 days ago+1

    This song makes me feel like I'm 19 again, 3 years ago this girl that I knew since we were little kids unexpectedly lived 3 houses down from my house, her mom and my mom were really best friends randomly pumped in to eachother, long story short her daughter and I catched up and she invited me to her birthday, I did the most stupidest choice ever that I regret to this day, I didn't go because I was very insecure of myself, I just felt like I was no good compared to her; beautiful girl in the entire world, hurts me to think what would've happen if I did show, she asked me why didn't I go, I replied that something came up which was a lie. A month later she texted me that she came by my house and knocked, I was really sad because I moved somewhere else and told her why no one answer. Things just started to change, the interaction was fading away. I still talk to her through social media but not as much how we used too, she has a boyfriend and it hurts me so much to see her taken, but I moved on but there's certain times the pain comes back, if only I went to her birthday, what would've happen now, I'm such a fool if I can go back I'll fix that mistake but I can't.

  • Bank_dc
    Bank_dc 4 days ago+1

    How I’ll feel about a girl at my school that I dated in 4th grade and broke and now I like her again I really want to get back with her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • K Town
    K Town 4 days ago

    2018 who still bumping?!?!?!?!

  • nurd1nx
    nurd1nx 4 days ago+1

    Yaaaaaa. I'm Thailand 🤗

  • อภิรักษ์ ภาวงศ์

    ตามมาจาก 'ยังโอมคับ'