Film Theory: Which of The Incredibles Is THE MOST Incredible? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)

  • Published on:  1/23/2018
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  • sonic1556
    sonic1556 a years ago+2148

    You forgot frozone. Oh wait, he can't find his super suit.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 months ago+838

    Also Violet and Dash are kids. Imagine them as adults

  • Fanstey Warrior
    Fanstey Warrior 2 months ago+763

    I want this theory redone now that Incredibles 2 is out

  • Hunter Flemming
    Hunter Flemming 2 months ago+325

    12:30 - Not sure if the teacher wants to be doing that in front of kids

  • Hungry Hufflepuff
    Hungry Hufflepuff 2 months ago+218

    Also, Helen and Violet passed out at their limits, Bob only seemed fatigued.
    Edit: added an s to limit

  • Oxtian Universe
    Oxtian Universe 3 months ago+186

    Teacher: show your work
    Mat pat: HOLD MY BEER
    Edit: Matpat: HOLD MY DIET COKE

  • Hazzikaze
    Hazzikaze 2 months ago+181

    MatPat: “Get it? Prick? Because it’s a thumbtack?”

  • Gacha_edit Uwu
    Gacha_edit Uwu 4 months ago+215

    Mat pat: don’t give me that family crap
    Me: well, in my day, you have a kid

  • Moonstar79
    Moonstar79 14 days ago+33

    Elastigirl didn't survive the explosion by her own means. Edna mentioned in the suit-testing scene that their suites were, in fact, missle-proof.

  • StickMaster500
    StickMaster500 a years ago+6292

    Obviously, the most incredible superhero has got to be Frozone and his super suit

  • Shea Lalonde
    Shea Lalonde 4 months ago+88

    Its JackJack. He messes that raccoon up with pretty much every x men power, single handedly

  • Annie Bluewolf
    Annie Bluewolf  4 months ago+53

    Before this video begins, I would just like to say,
    May The Odds be Ever in Your Favour.

  • Dell None your business
    Dell None your business 1 months ago+22

    75% of this video is talking about Math. My math teacher would be so proud

  • marie
    marie 4 months ago+49

    I knew Violet would win besides Fatherly Love

  • Skyla Thorpe
    Skyla Thorpe 9 months ago+2562

    I want to hire Matpat as my lawyer

  • That one dude who can’t be original

    Well mat pat, incredibles came out before Gardians of the galaxy so technically groot went all Helen of rocket, starlord, drax, and gamora.

  • kipras
    kipras yesterday+2

    He cant use all of his power when stopping train becouse theres not enought friction to support his power as opposed to standing under the robot

  • Samaster
    Samaster 3 months ago+21

    You forgot to account for the speed at which the omnidroid is coming down at onto violet and Mr. Incredible

  • Ella Craig
    Ella Craig 21 days ago+14

    Roses are red,
    I am groot,

  • Kyle Kern
    Kyle Kern a years ago+407

    Next theory: Where was Frozone's super suit?
    Edit: How did I get all these likes?