The Amazing Truth About Mister Rogers

  • Published on:  11/30/2019
  • Fred Rogers was an inspirational television personality who inspired countless children…and his long-running program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood will continue to educate young people for many generations to come. Here's the amazing truth about Mister Rogers.

    For much of his career, Mister Rogers was in high demand as an interview subject. But he was also considered a rather tough person to interview. Why? Well, he was just so gosh-darned nice.

    You see, the friendly and curious demeanor we saw on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood wasn't an act. He was literally that friendly, onscreen and off. That made him nearly impossible to interview… because he'd often steer the conversation wildly off course while trying to befriend the person interviewing him. Getting Rogers to open up and talk about himself was exceptionally hard...because he was always more interested in how his interviewer was doing.

    Rogers often had a profound effect on the people who interviewed him. He would end the conversation by telling the interviewer that he'd enjoyed meeting them… and then give them a little photo album of the time they'd literally just spent together.

    Rogers was even known to call up interviewers years after the fact just to see how they were doing.

    Watch the video for more of The Amazing Truth About Mister Rogers!


    He was tough to interview | 0:12
    Particular about his weight | 1:17
    Fan mail | 2:27
    Officer Clemmons | 3:00
    The "Betamax" case | 4:11
    He loved zombie movies | 5:17
    The Fred Rogers International Airport | 6:18
    Tough lessons | 7:14
    The Presidential Medal of Freedom | 8:23
    The Wicked Witch | 8:45
    About that asteroid | 9:30
    Quitting NBC | 10:13
    Appearing before the U.S. Senate | 11:21