NBA Rookie Mo Bamba Lets It Fly From Range | Shoot Your Shot

  • Published on:  3/19/2019
  • Orlando Magic rookie and Harlem native Mo Bamba becomes the first NBA player to appear on Shoot Your Shot. Our host Brandon Armstrong gets Mo to open up about his first time playing in The Garden, how his name became the song title for a smash hit, and buying his mom a new crib! The Orlando Magic rookie goes shot-for-shot with our current leader, Marquis Trill, in this episode of Shoot Your Shot. Will the first-ever NBA guest jump to the top of the leaderboard? It’s time to Shoot Your Shot with Under Armour.

    Shoot Your Shot
    Host Brandon Armstrong aka B-Dot — Actor, NBA impersonator, and a pretty good baller in his own right — introduces the new wave of young celebrities and Internet stars on the hardwood each week for a round of hoops and trash talk.

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