Things Only Adults Notice In Mary Poppins

  • Published on:  7/28/2018
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    Mary Poppins is one of the most beloved movies of all time, with charming characters and catchy musical numbers that have entertained generations of viewers. Don’t get caught up in the nostalgia, though. If you re-watch it closely as an adult, though, you might be surprised to see that the movie is actually a little bit darker than you remember. Here are the things that only adults notice in Mary Poppins…

    The gig economy of 1910 | 0:21
    Suffragette city | 1:03
    The worst accent ever | 1:53
    The Secret Origin of Mary Poppins | 2:44
    Who is Uncle Albert? | 3:24
    London by gaslighting | 4:00
    The world's worst bank | 4:55
    It’s grim in London | 5:44
    Bert’s underrated | 6:24
    Mr. Banks: Murderer? | 7:12

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