Rammed Earth - using custom re-useable metal forms for window & door openings MIY DIY Wild Eden

  • Published on:  4/30/2020
  • A short clip showing the metal custom formwork that we have designed and made for ramming a wall with door or window openings in place.

    The forms can be re-used - in fact one set has done our whole house with 20+ openings and still going strong.

    Can be adapted to openings of nearly any size. We designed our house to utilise the same forms over and over.

    i.e. The largest sliding doors used an upright from a door opening and a form design for a pillar. This meant much smaller investment in forms.

    We do not claim to be experts - quite the opposite. We research, learn, then trial and error. With Rammed Earth, we have now rammed well over 600 face square meters of wall which includes retaining, re-inforced retaining, underground walls, house external and internal walls etc.

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    We are a small family (6 children), trying to get back to life the way it was intended. After a rocky start (that involved crime, drugs and much other junk), Jesus has rescued us and now changes us daily.

    Our main aim is honouring God, doing right by our children and being safe so please excuse the quality of the video!

    We are building our own home that will also serve to help others, starting out in permaculture, homeschool and run our own business selling the products we rely on.

    We hope our journey (failures and all) will help you in some way...

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