10 Child Stars Who Aren't So Innocent Off Camera

  • Published on:  9/24/2017
  • 10 Kids Who Live Secret Double Lives

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    When you’re a celebrity that’s associated with a family-friendly network, there is a certain image that you have to maintain. Even if you’re out with your friends or doing something as simple as having dinner with your family, you represent the network you’re appearing on. That means if you are pulling off shenanigans that get you on the front cover of the newspapers the next day, you might be in big trouble. Anytime a child star has been in trouble, one of the first places that the media will go to is the network the star appears on. Usually the response is either “No comment” or “We’re addressing the situation with the star.” Of course, it means that the child star is pretty much living life with multiple sets of parents with even more rules than the average kid. Sometimes fame and fortune isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In this case, instead of being grounded, it could mean you might lose your job.

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