Wish List 2018: WIRED's Gift Guide for the Holidays



  • 99% of the items mentioned are overpriced trash

  • Bradley Vlogz 7 months ago

    Cheap gifts? Looks like im buying everyone a knife

  • As long as the knife has bluetooth so you can listen to tunes while you shank someone.

  • Xanderall 7 months ago

    You get a knife! And you get a knife! And you... get knifed!!

  • Michael Kamphuis 7 months ago

    Absolutely terrible list. Mostly super expensive stuff that's totally unrealistic for most people, or random nonsense that no one wants

  • Michael Kamphuis 7 months ago

    Lol, good to know. Won't bother with any more of their videos

  • PortfolioPL 7 months ago

    Welcome to the Wired :)

  • Nilanjan Dutta 7 months ago

    i dont think going bankrupt while picking gifts is a good idea

  • Creature Tree Art 7 months ago

    This is a poorly researched gift guide video. It felt very thrown together and made just for the sake of making a video and getting views. Everything was overpriced, and the only interesting things was the tile which was $35 for a $10 piece of tech.

  • RaZ4 xXFlam3d0gXx 7 months ago

    A car for $80 000? Yeah..

  • elfamosisimoJON 7 months ago

    get back to The Verge Lauren!

  • Bryant Mitchell 7 months ago

    $189 for that toy!? I’ll give you about $39

  • Saurav Subhash 6 months ago

    Negotiation skills on point.Pheobe will be proud!!

  • Matt G 7 months ago

    stop botheringme And the kid will only get a few hours entertainment out of it, and outgrow it in a year

  • e4r 7 months ago

    $1000 for a radio? Geeez

  • Burner Fire 7 months ago

    The Eames radio is a collectors item, you would not worry if you knew a collector.

  • Lewis Gibney 7 months ago

    189 for a kids toy

  • _Bob McCoy 7 months ago

    *A Hippopotamus is the Ultimate Gift*