Our Cats :3

  • Published on:  12/9/2018
  • How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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  • BlazerPlays101
    BlazerPlays101 12 minutes ago

    YouTube rewind was purrrrfect

  • Welly Silalahi
    Welly Silalahi 13 minutes ago

    Congrats 1 trending

  • xX PhyschoChild Xx
    xX PhyschoChild Xx 13 minutes ago

    Tbh I was on my bed watching this and my cat came and started purring

  • lps miky tv
    lps miky tv 13 minutes ago

    There are only two CAT-igorys of people

  • Josue Gonzalez
    Josue Gonzalez 13 minutes ago


  • london williams
    london williams 13 minutes ago

    Your mom is a jruk

  • Lovely Angela
    Lovely Angela 13 minutes ago

    1 on trending

  • Modernwarhero
    Modernwarhero 13 minutes ago

    This video is finally in trending..... every video james releases always gets insane views, but never makes it on trending

  • Prod. Sotirf
    Prod. Sotirf 14 minutes ago


  • Bros! This is Animation
    Bros! This is Animation 14 minutes ago

    Bro it's in youtube trending congratulations

  • Tota Kitten
    Tota Kitten 14 minutes ago

    Well I love cats and dogs🐕🐈

  • gaming dinosaur 101 trex
    gaming dinosaur 101 trex 14 minutes ago

    And dog too

  • AndyIsLostLol
    AndyIsLostLol 14 minutes ago

    when you realise you were the good boy all along

  • M Carvalho
    M Carvalho 14 minutes ago

    My cat, her name is açúcar, means sugar in Portuguese and she is white like yk sugar, is lost since June. One day I brought a stray kitty that was lost and very very very skinny under the viaduct and açúcar didn’t like the kitty, named Bambina, and she ran away the same day and never came back home. I left food out side the house every day and I went looking for her but she’s no where to be found. I miss her. And bambina died one week after I took her we didn’t take it easily, mostly me because I was so attached... anyway she was sick with an infection and didn’t make it in the hospital. I hope açúcar is still alive somewhere 😢

  • ACE ssb
    ACE ssb 15 minutes ago

    1.Cat eat my food
    2.cat sleep on me
    3.cat sleep on my phone
    4.when I shout loud it gonna bite me

  • Britany Morgan
    Britany Morgan 15 minutes ago

    cat egories

  • chazburgerpal pal
    chazburgerpal pal 15 minutes ago

    James, get a cat fence.

  • BangtanInFiredMeh
    BangtanInFiredMeh 15 minutes ago

    Shady looks like my cat...

  • Joshua Gisiger
    Joshua Gisiger 15 minutes ago

    I liked when u were in it but hated everything else

  • Rikuto Koo
    Rikuto Koo 15 minutes ago

    Yes new video