Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 10 FINALE - Team Four Star (TFS)

  • Published on:  12/8/2018
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  • 04whim 6 months ago

    Started as a Halloween surprise. Ended as a Christmas present. Thanks for the years of work you guys, and for giving an amazing series like Hellsing one final life. I'll miss the Crimson Fucker.

  • Hazel Olive 5 days ago

    You dont have to miss him because hes everywhere XD

  • Zunun The Green 1 months ago

    Cecil Richardson Late answer but hereThey were the Nazi's and Crusaders he immediately consumed with his tormented souls

  • Zack Akai 5 months ago

    This show started with a joke about One Piece. All these years later, it ended with a joke about One Piece. Thanks for eight years of memories, TFS <3

  • Justin Piccolo yesterday

    @Anti Theist Correction: It started with a One Piece REFERENCE. Not a joke.

  • Gamer Hex 16 days ago

    i kinda think the "buffy" part is a rip on naruto's son "boruto"

  • MagicBiber 4 months ago

    Press F for Hamburg, he span the wheel until his very last breath. A true hero in this story of bleak shade of grey, a shining example of bravery and duty in the face of certain death. Rest in Pieces Hamburg, you will be missed.

  • DSFARGEG00 19 hours ago


  • Merlin 2 days ago


  • Myrmidon Walker 3 months ago

    @5:21I about spit my drink out."We find a lot of things in attics!""Holy... shi-""I meant antiques! ...ANNE FRANK-LY I'm insulted by the insinuation!"I... I just... bravo. That pun. Wow. I am humbled.

  • Nero2K 4 days ago

    Not the first time that pun has been used, but still surprising that they put it in the video.

  • xxHGMxx 6 days ago

    So Anna Frank was a Jew Werewolf?

  • Joseph - 2 months ago

    10:26 After watch this 8 times, I JUST now realized that wasnt a faulty lighter Integra was holding: it was a tape recorder for the queen to fall asleep to. WHOOSH! 😅

  • Justin Piccolo yesterday

    Never noticed it either. To be fair though, it really was her lighter in the actual show, so not surprising so many of us missed it. Nice editing on their part, as usual.

  • FuckYouAllToPieces 2 days ago


  • Metrion77 6 months ago

    Those crazy bastards. They did what nobody thought anyone could do... They completed an abridged series.

  • mozxz 24 days ago

    @Sif Greyfang well, It took Madhouse 6-10 years to make it too....soooo..... And its not a short series, every episode is 45 minutes.......

  • IDK Bro0ph 1 months ago

    they should adopt it in an alternate ending series

  • Dakota O'Neill 5 months ago

    What you guys did with the series is a prime example of why fan-made content is so important. I love Hellsing Ultimate, but there were times when the series got a little too cheesy, a little too intense, and a little too melodramatic, as all anime tends to do. But you guys took the plot, added in the perfect mix of action, humor, story, and even managed to keep some of the mind-blowing bits of philosophy, and made what was already a great anime series into something that I could watch a million times. ...

  • FuckYouAllToPieces 2 days ago

    ancient age of 20? Dafuq you talking _ancient?_ 20 is when the _real_ learning begins.

  • mel on 12 days ago

    This abridged series is amazing, but the original never got too cheesy or two melodramatic for the story it was telling and the way it told it. Plus it is supposed to be intense

  • Thomas Raines  4 months ago

    Walter’s death is more fitting here as not only does it fit Alucard’s view of traitors “dying ignominious deaths always” it is also much more satisfying to have Heinkel kill him (as not only does it give her something to do except stand around, get shot in the face by the captain and fail to kill Walter it allows her to avenge the deaths of two people that were close to her, Yumi and Father Anderson).

  • Thomas Raines 2 days ago

    Chris R sorry defilement of his dead body would be what he did in regards to Anderson.

  • Chris R 1 months ago

    To be fair, Alucard was the one who killed Anderson, Walter just cut his speech short

  • Yeeren 3 months ago

    *Music cuts abruptly**Alucard stares at his soul, speechless*"Are we a bad person?"Goddamn you're not allowed to make such crude jokes AND hit us right in the soul on the same video, TFS!

  • The Emo Knight 1 months ago

    I loved that scene.

  • Jonathan Hinnen 5 months ago

    So, I've crunched some numbers, and here's what I came up with:Alucard was initially trapped with 3,424,867 souls, and spent 20 years counseling them. That means he averaged 171,243.35 souls a year. Divided by 12 (months), that's 14,270.3 (rounded up to the nearest tenth) of "patients" a month. Divide that by 30 days (just go with it), that's 475.7 individuals a day. By 24 hours, that's 19.8 people a day.Conclusion: Alucard averaged 20 people a day until he ran into himself and spent ...

  • Mattias Steisner 1 months ago

    @snowwis4 Mister Perfect Cell

  • huuweee 1 months ago

    @Saint Militarist First of all i wouldn't call it a dream, cause you don't dissapear physically if you go to bed and dream, so that is a thing. The other part is that a dream can actually last 20-30 minutes but also can be done after a few seconds, if it feels like you dreamed all night depends on wich point you wake up, but you can read that up on wikipedia and other sources who studies the human brain in relation to dreams.