Top 10 Disney Ride Break Downs | Stuck on Disney Rides



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  • Anthony F
    Anthony F 11 hours ago

    does anyone know gyzel dydel from trail?

  • Bunnacun
    Bunnacun 12 hours ago+1

    i got stuck on the little mermaid

  • jane hunt
    jane hunt 14 hours ago

    Splash mountain breaks down all the time

  • Sunshine Jhoe
    Sunshine Jhoe 15 hours ago

    Ive heard that the pirate Caribbean ride usually stops working because it is a haunted ride, idk if it's true but that's what I've heard from Shane Dawson

  • Emianna Hernandez
    Emianna Hernandez 19 hours ago

    Here's a stupid story of splash Mountain. So I went to Florida and went to Disneyworld on

  • SW vlogs And diys
    SW vlogs And diys 20 hours ago

    I got stuck at the top of Everest

  • Moriko owo
    Moriko owo 21 hours ago

    my parents got stuck on the harry potter ride in Orlando. The one with all the screens, and they were just in darkness for 40 mins, and because they were on parent swap me (age 9) and my brother (age 5) were left with a very nice cast member. it was pretty funny to be honest and then we all got fast passes

  • Eloise Ruth
    Eloise Ruth 21 hours ago

    i was actually on the people mover once... and then we stopped where space mountain was cause the ride broke down, and space mountain was broke down too. they all were evacuating the space mountain, all i know is that when we stopped all i could smell was SKUNK it was so gross but, at the same time i was shocked looking at everything, oh my gosh.

  • Raelynn Wilson
    Raelynn Wilson 23 hours ago

    I got stuck on splash moutain

  • RedWhiteAndAwesome 17

    I went to Disneyland and me and my mom we were riding spinning tea cups and the parade was happening and our cup stopped right near the gate so me and my mom watched half of the parade until they got us off it was my first "In Show-Exit" this is real BTW

  • Ryan Mckenna
    Ryan Mckenna yesterday

    I only got stuck on haunted manison with my mom we were next to that door and i had to be on the side closest to the door UGH

  • XPopVlogsX And gaming

    I once got stuck with n haunted mansion and stuck facing a ghost that was popping out of its grave

  • Sunny Barry
    Sunny Barry yesterday+1

    Once, I was stuck on the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland with my siblings! We both got to look at a haunted piano and a moving coffin for about 7 minutes! I was so happy because not only we got to finish the ride, but I also got a longer look at all the details,nooks,and crannies!

  • litsa pizza
    litsa pizza yesterday

    also haunted mansion!! That ride always breaks down

  • Sam Carbone
    Sam Carbone yesterday

    hahaha I got stuck on frozen ever after and the seven dwarves mine train😂 we kept going though!

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez yesterday

    It happened once to me in Spanish montain

  • Ashley Rios
    Ashley Rios yesterday

    I got stuck on haunted mansion...

  • Cat Gor
    Cat Gor  yesterday

    Yes on sigay dog

  • Anthony Vaughan
    Anthony Vaughan yesterday

    Splash Mountain because one time on August, it broke down the rides with the lights on.