11 Animals That SAVED Human Lives!

  • Published on:  3/2/2020
  • From a dog protecting two little girls from a mountain lion, to beavers helping an orphaned boy, here are 11 incredible times animals saved human lives.

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    11. Tiger saves man from leopard attack
    Zookeeper Eduardo Serio works at the Black Jaguar- White Tiger Foundation in Mexico. Here, all kinds of big cats live together in large enclosed areas so they have more space to socialize and run around.

    10. Morocho the Dogo Argentino
    The Dogo Argentino is a pack dog that was originally bred for hunting wild boar and pumas, so this dog is no joke. They are strong and alert and will defend their owners to the death if necessary. Hopefully it’s not, but in 2008 a Dogo named Morocho proved how loyal and powerful these dogs can be.

    9. William The Parrot
    You can’t leave kids alone for even a second!! A babysitter named Megan Howard in Denver Colorado had just run to the bathroom when she heard her parrot named Willie squawking loudly and flapping his wings. She knew that he was definitely trying to get her attention!

    8. Dolphins Save Fisherman
    In 2002, a 36-year-old Australian fisherman named Grant Dickson was sailing off the coast of Queensland when his fishing boat sank. The boat went down in rough waters near Dunk Island after its nets got caught on seaweed.

    7. Savior Gorilla
    In 1986, a young boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo in New Jersey. The youngest of four children in the Merritt family, the boy named Levan was visiting the zoo with his parents and three siblings over the summer. After spending some time exploring the zoo, the family made their way toward the gorilla habitat.

    6. Dolphins Protect Family
    Stories of dolphins saving swimmers who get into trouble in the ocean are not an uncommon occurrence. But this story about a pod of dolphins saving swimmers from sharks is a remarkable one. In 2004, a lifeguard named Rob Howes was swimming with his daughter and her friends in New Zealand when a number of dolphins suddenly appeared. At first, Howes believed the dolphins were just being playful.

    5. Beluga Whale Saves Diver
    A young diver who was competing in a competition at Polar Land Aquarium in Northeast China owes her life to a beluga whale residing there.
    Yang Yun, a young woman who was one of seven finalists who were diving in hopes of landing a job training whales at the facility, ended up running into trouble.

    In 2012, a 69-year-old northern California man named Robert Biggs was attacked by a mountain lion while hiking. During one of his many gold-panning and hiking trips to Whiskey Flats, he encountered a mother bear, her yearling, and her cub on a stream bank.

    3. Caring Beavers
    While many stories about beavers tend to be focused on how they destroy wetland habitats by using shoreline trees for their dams, a beaver in Ontario, Canada ended up playing a part in saving a young boy's life. While out for a camping trip with his parents, the boy decided to stay on shore while his parents went out on a fishing expedition.

    2. Pudding the Cat
    While some people like to say that dogs are man's best friend, Pudding the cat and her owner Amy Jung would like to disagree. After being adopted by a new family one winter, Pudding made herself right at home. The same night after going to bed, Amy, who was a type I diabetic, began to convulse. She hadn’t realized that her blood sugar had begun to plummet while she was asleep.

    1. Protective Lions
    In 2005, in Bita Genet, Ethiopia a 12-year-old girl was abducted and beaten by a group of men as they tried to force her into marriage. Missing for 7 days, her family was sick with worry trying to find her. When police finally arrived at the scene, they found her surrounded by a group of lions standing guard.