The Magic Of Candy Making

  • Published on:  10/6/2018
  • Candy is a mesmerizing process that takes the utmost skill and patience to perfect. These two New York-based women are at the top of their craft.

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  • Zoe Adams
    Zoe Adams yesterday

    One of the best series on the Web.

  • Eucalyptus
    Eucalyptus 2 days ago

    Is this vox?

  • Talitha Amadea
    Talitha Amadea 2 days ago

    I'm thinking what the editor was thinking when editing the video

  • Beefieeee
    Beefieeee 10 days ago+2

    I was enjoying this until she decided to turn this into a gender thing.

  • MelleBoy08
    MelleBoy08 12 days ago+2

    we only hire the most bad ass people that we can find. I cringed so hard

  • Malicious Affection
    Malicious Affection 13 days ago+1

    5:42 Oh no... She's one of "those" people...
    I'm still buying a baby box b/c curiosity and capitalism. Couldn't care less if I disagree with a person, as long as their product is good.

  • Apple Soda
    Apple Soda 14 days ago

    its not even a "taffy puller" its just a usual candy pull machine.

  • ProMachineRider
    ProMachineRider 14 days ago

    I got goosebumps watching this! 😂

  • Phudge
    Phudge 15 days ago

    Taffy looks good but why did gender have to play into it

  • nidamarthi shruti
    nidamarthi shruti 16 days ago+1


  • dean tejada
    dean tejada 17 days ago

    From soba noodles to bread making and this candy. Wow.

  • Jorsair GD
    Jorsair GD 17 days ago

    Try not using corn syrup

  • Santiago
    Santiago 20 days ago

    "We use real ingredients to flavor the candy" as she pours liquid smoke into the mix

  • Tahjay Ulett
    Tahjay Ulett 20 days ago

    I smell feminists

  • Aditya Shirapure
    Aditya Shirapure 22 days ago

    Having an existential crisis after watching this

  • Tyler RD
    Tyler RD 22 days ago

    when she said "old white men" I had to stop the video

  • roman volokip
    roman volokip 23 days ago

    What a sexist establishment

  • Roblox-is_FuNn Roblox

    And I watch all of these like I'm going to attempt them.

  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang 23 days ago


  • pramod das
    pramod das 23 days ago

    Note the tag line that's salt not so lot😁