The Magic Of Candy Making

  • Published on:  10/6/2018
  • Candy is a mesmerizing process that takes the utmost skill and patience to perfect. These two New York-based women are at the top of their craft.

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    Roni-Sue: @ronisuechocolates

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  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez an hour ago

    Diabetes type 1
    Here I come

  • Nida Eris Dolls and more

    1 like=who thought the thumbnail is slime?

  • AeroNight
    AeroNight 11 hours ago

    Yes humans made candy. What was she expecting? Taffy a form of alien tech?

  • Butter
    Butter 12 hours ago

    *putty has left the chat*

  • Patrick Horgan
    Patrick Horgan 15 hours ago

    I wish she was my girlfriend. She's so passionate about what she cares about. I wonder why she didn't straighten Rosie's bent arm after she bought it.

  • Jaimie Tomlinson
    Jaimie Tomlinson 16 hours ago

    This was Soo satisfying!! Oh yeah also if willy Wonka was real he would hire you first! (Posted on October 18 2018)

  • lexi
    lexi 18 hours ago

    the worst nightmare for people with braces

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45 18 hours ago

    If I hired only men for 3 years I would be sued

  • Kerry Nkomo
    Kerry Nkomo yesterday

    Looks like slime

  • Brynlee Montoya
    Brynlee Montoya yesterday

    that was the joke lol😂

  • Natasha Garcia
    Natasha Garcia yesterday+1

    It looks soooo fun to play with 😄

  • Crystal Dadal
    Crystal Dadal yesterday

    It looks like slime

  • Dawson Donnelly
    Dawson Donnelly yesterday

    Why’d they bring her gender into it half way thru?

  • Kaesalyn Saeteurn

    I like how compared it to kid storys

  • Adam
    Adam yesterday

    An asmr's dream

  • Sirus 600
    Sirus 600 yesterday

    Nooo not Rosie
    Gone but most definitely not forgotten👏

  • jerry stone
    jerry stone yesterday

    Worked at Bunte Candies in Okla.

  • Jammer3jd5l
    Jammer3jd5l yesterday

    Dude I loooove Salty Road! So happy there’s a video about the process now

  • Caroline McDowell

    You best know, If i worked there I would eat all of that Candy!