Street Food in Kyoto JAPAN - 6 different types of Street Food

  • Published on:  11/2/2017
  • Street Food near Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine in Kyoto, Japan - Timestamp: 0:01 Imagawayaki 1:53 Yakitori 2:46 Dango 3:34 Takoyaki 4:02 Wagyu Beef Skewer 5:33 Okonomiyaki (street food version)


  • MOKA MOKA 8 months ago

    Why am I watching this in the middle of the night

  • 孙轲 23 days ago

    2.11am lol

  • Ivan Khazal 23 days ago


  • Cyproduction 9 months ago

    Watching this on a empty stomach is torment

  • shanu samuel 18 days ago

    Same feeling!!! 😄😄😄😍

  • Not Alpharius 1 months ago

    @Iyed Jlassi so thats just a little s&m thing for you. Okay then. ;)

  • Sisi Charriere 9 months ago

    I don't care that wheat makes me blow up. If I ever go to Japan I'm eating _e v e r y t h i n g_

  • DaeStorm68 2 months ago

    Same. lol If anything, I will die happy.

  • Ud4Y 2 months ago

    What about doggo

  • 21thehelper 3 months ago

    America: We make the best saladsJapan: Hold my ginger sauce

  • aletse Cedillo 3 days ago

    @ANdrew jones Richelieu ??

  • @aletse Cedillo ?

  • Rebeca Mendez 7 months ago

    Even the street food looks so healthy full of cabbage, octopus and beans.This vídeo is wholesome!

  • TheGogeta222 1 months ago

    @deludeddesktopalien I'm from Bavaria!I would never put a feet on the country who destroyed my hometown xD

  • deludeddesktopalien 1 months ago

    Uhhhhh really? Here in canada we have similiar street food you americans have too much food full of fried crapWell mainly chinese street food

  • Yosuko 9 months ago

    Someday I'll travel to Japan and just sit there by these stalls eating takoyaki and okonomiyaki 😍

  • Juan Cruz 2 months ago

    Last street foodChef: Let’s add everything we can in this dish. They’re bound to like something in it!

  • Big Black Rock 3 months ago

    On a dietWatches one food videoYoutube: FLOODS RECOMMENDED FEED WITH FOOD VIDEOSsEnD hELp!

  • christen dsouza 3 months ago

    @Big Black Rock now that's slightly racist. cease and desist for defecation!!!

  • Big Black Rock 3 months ago

    @Lonchi Leaina you betcha ass I read that with an Indian accent haha

  • Johnny Tsunami 1 years ago

    If only I was rich enough to even afford a vacation

  • Anthony Thorp 1 months ago

    If I didn't have to unwillingly support all the leeches, I could go on vacation with my hard earned money.

  • Charli 3 months ago

    Just do it. Life is short 🙏

  • A. F. Alhaz 2 months ago

    nothing greater than watch this in mid day of Ramadhan

  • Krisyan Nuruha 1 months ago

    Yepz.. And what make it more great is because right now i'm at my parrent village, so no delivery food

  • Furu Candy 1 months ago