Developer Update | Return to Winter Wonderland | Overwatch



  • MC 708
    MC 708 4 months ago

    I miss this mode

  • Overwatch Xbox
    Overwatch Xbox 7 months ago

    Wonter Winderland

  • Warp 10 Overwatch
    Warp 10 Overwatch 8 months ago


  • Chender Edits
    Chender Edits 8 months ago+2

    Yeti hunt is basically Vs Saxton Hale from TF2

  • FUSHAR z
    FUSHAR z 8 months ago

    I hope you are watching the translation of the video for the Arabic language as we benefit

  • Frankie McGann
    Frankie McGann 8 months ago

    When did we ask for more Mei Jeff ???

  • KittyLa Luna
    KittyLa Luna 8 months ago

    Jeff when are you going to give widow a better ult?

  • Timo Polak
    Timo Polak 8 months ago

    I have a cool update for tracer her ult can be that time stops accept her and her teammates

  • wishBuddy
    wishBuddy 8 months ago

    I hear that you guys listen to people so... If hanzo can one shot people with a regular arrow I think it’s only fair that other heroes can do it too. Like mei. 🤷‍♀️ after I freeze people, which already takes away some health, I have to shoot them twice in the head.

  • GoGGles
    GoGGles 8 months ago

    we all love mei
    the demon

  • Peter Trio
    Peter Trio 8 months ago

    One question where is hero27 hinted at comics,animation or ingame?

  • hamdan zaher
    hamdan zaher 8 months ago

    make a genji skin in lunar event

  • Rick Mahnn
    Rick Mahnn 8 months ago

    The winter event in the game has been fun. The maps, loot and Mei stuff. What's NOT been fun is your new Match making system. Many of us players here are TIRED of "Charity matches". ie. being a lvl 500+ player and having all SCRUBS on our teams (1-200s). It really makes for an annoying and very toxic environment. I myself included have become toxic, because I get matched up with 4 other players WELL below my team experience level, while these newb-trash, morons sit there doing NOTHING in the game. I don't care if they are smurf accounts from your Christmas income bonus sale. I don't want them on my team. If their account IS NOT of a certain level. They shouldn't be on my roster. It's time to bust out Oracle database and maybe invest a few million in a CRAY computer system to properly decide match makes. You got the money. Don't lie.
    This game has gone from Overwatch to overflush. Because that dumb broad Moira was put into the game, along with Dumbfist. We hate both of these characters. Oh and while you are at it. FIX THE GAME'S MEMORY LEAK!!^9. Learn to code for play. You don't allocate your game's programming resources correctly. The game should rely MORE on the GPU and less on the CPU.

  • Owen Jordan
    Owen Jordan 8 months ago

    black forest is the reason I got the whop achieve.

  • Imakeshityart
    Imakeshityart 8 months ago

    1:44 '' we know how much you love mei'' Do you realy want to die?

  • mouse454
    mouse454 8 months ago

    Yeti hunt best arcade so far ty

  • attaggee
    attaggee 8 months ago

    great steal from, and excellent shade throwing at, evolve there.

  • Jon boy Paul
    Jon boy Paul 8 months ago

    Hey I cold give u Carter's ideas

  • fortnite gang
    fortnite gang 8 months ago

    Plis derf scater arrow /Hanzo :)

  • Games DeathMatch
    Games DeathMatch 9 months ago

    This was a pretty bad event when you consider you literally get 0xp