Turning trucks into bucks at a Rabbit’s pace

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
  • When Rob "Rabbit" Pitts (IG @rob_pitts) found what seemed to be a sale-proof C10 truck, he was up for the challenge. How long would it take him to move it after it had been listed for sale for 2 years?

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  • William Michael
    William Michael an hour ago

    I think his soothing voice and personable personality really helps him sell anything he wants.

  • Shawn Bhatt Realtor
    Shawn Bhatt Realtor 2 hours ago

    You guys need to give Rabbit his own playlist!
    Nvm there already is... Hahaha

  • The_Sanders_Way CHOP IT
    The_Sanders_Way CHOP IT 14 hours ago+2

    I was working and just getting ready to paint a car then this pop up on my YouTube and am like mmmm sounds interesting just listen to the Story..🤣🤣 and know I became a fan of this YouTube channel big fan of rabbits. I just start my YouTube channel. Became fan of this 👍👍

  • Amelio S
    Amelio S yesterday+2

    Rabbit merch, please

  • Jensen and Vanessa
    Jensen and Vanessa 2 days ago+2

    Used Trapper Keepers. Great.

  • master Thomas
    master Thomas 3 days ago

    Whats a rabbit someone answer me pls

  • Jordan Johnstone
    Jordan Johnstone 3 days ago+2

    Only watch vinwiki when it's certain people. Just love hearing stories. Life experiences.

  • Dennis Gump
    Dennis Gump 4 days ago+1

    Can Rabbit get his own channel, just him, chain smoking, telling stories...lol

  • T M
    T M 5 days ago+2

    Any video with Rabbit I’m watching

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold 5 days ago+2

    He sent it!

  • tj moneybags
    tj moneybags 5 days ago+2

    2 years no bites....vs sells while paint is tacky.....crazy.

  • Whale Branch Early College High School

    Rabbit is my favorite guy on here!

  • The BlazerSociety
    The BlazerSociety 6 days ago+2

    yall can fight it out or fuck it out, dust your self off and pay me when your done LMAO

  • Drone's, Bikes and Cars

    Rabbit is the best speaker on this channel!!!!

  • Denis Gavrilov
    Denis Gavrilov 6 days ago

    He said he bought the truck for really low price and then he had the doors repainted and sold it for only $1,000 more? That's not really shrewd...

  • S4flynlow
    S4flynlow 7 days ago+2

    Love the Rabbitt stories!!

  • Aaron H.
    Aaron H. 7 days ago+2

    Rabbit first. Stopped another vinwiki story to watch this one first.

  • rizzodefrank
    rizzodefrank 7 days ago+1

    Rabbit is the best

  • andydurbs
    andydurbs 7 days ago+1

    Ed teach him to deliver a speech both vocally and with better body expressions 👍🏼

  • A.J. mira
    A.J. mira 7 days ago+1

    ...used trapper keepers don’t sell. 🤣🤣🤣 👌