How to Beat A Full Court Matchup Press

  • Published on:  11/10/2018
  • This video will teach you how to beat a Full Court, match-up or Person-to-Person press. This press break is effective against an aggressive or denial matchup press.

    The name of this particular zone press break gets it's name from the way players are set up in a 1-4 or four across formation in the back court. One of the best parts about this particular press break is that you'll always be able to inbound the ball with ease and you’ll often have a shot at a deep pass for easy layups.

    The second thing I like about this zone press break is that the set up is exactly the same as the zone press break. That's available for you to watch in video #23. How to Run a Zone Press Break.

    Many press break strategies involve fast break opportunities where you take advantage of numbers in the front court. You'll often have 3-on-1, 3-on-2, or 2-on-1 fast break opportunities. This videos doesn't cover how to run a proper fast break, nor does it cover each defensive strategy of different zone presses. I will cover a zone press strategy in my video #25; How to Run a Diamond and 1 Zone Press.

    Coaches should and do change their defensive strategies to counter your offensive tactics during a game. Many times, an opposing coach will change their defensive strategy to employ a person-to-person press defense. In that case, you'll need to change your offensive strategy too!

    Learn and keep this offensive strategy in your arsenal so you can force your opponent to change up their defensive tactics!

    This press break strategy and is great for teaching youth, club teams, junior high, high school, and recreational teams.

    If you have recorded video of your team executing this play or any of the plays you've learned from my channel and would like for me to do a YouTube video review of your team executing the play, please email me at: