VERY BIG parcel. JGAurora A5S 3D printer Unboxing, Assembly, Review

  • Published on:  3/2/2019
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    A detailed overview, talk about all the features, all the pros and cons that I could find. Unpack, build, review 3D printer JGAURORA A5S.

    1. Large print area 305x305x320 mm
    2. Black glass with a special coating. For printing, it is sufficient to degrease the surface. In most cases, no means to improve the adhesion (adhesion) parts to the table is not required.
    3. Contrast and responsive touch screen with convenient and clear menu.
    4. Convenient location of SD card slot.
    5. 32-bit microprocessor.
    6. Quiet drivers for stepper motors.
    7. The sensor end of the filament.
    8. Resume printing after power off.
    9. A miniature print head will allow you to print at higher speeds.
    10. Nice futuristic design.
    11. Included is a coil with 250 g of plastic.
    12. Very quick Assembly. 15 minutes and you can print.

    1) Very noisy movement of the carriage along the axis X. it's Probably just bearings. Asked the seller to send a new one. LM8UU (24 mm) and LM8LUU (45 mm).

    1) Not the toughest design. The frame is made of metal with a thickness of 1.3 mm. but assembled with the base stability and stiffness increases many times. It is a question of lateral loadings which the printer practically does not test.
    2) insufficient rigidity of the z-axis guides under lateral loads, which may affect the print quality in some way. But the load is negligible. Some stabilization can add a couple of printed parts.
    3) Regular airflow is suitable for medium and large parts. For small models it is better to make another airflow. For example, circular. You may also need to replace the fan and print another duct.
    4) is Not perfectly flat table. The error in 5 measurement points between the nozzle and the table was 0.1 mm, which is within the norm.

    1) the z-axis motor Braid rubs against the frame. Solved by printing a special holder.
    2) for wires with a Teflon tube that go to the carriage, it is also better to print the retainer.
    3) the reel Holder is not suitable for bobbins with a thickness of 74 mm. is Solved by printing a couple of models.
    4) Meager set of accessories.

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