Fly Fishing BEAR COUNTRY with MACHETE and HOME DEPOT TARP *Catch, Clean and Camp EP 6*

  • Published on:  9/19/2018
  • Picked a spot on Google Maps in a National Forest. No trails, no roads. We hiked 10+ miles following the river. Up and down boulder, hopping from rock to rock and fishing along the way. I only brought a Blue Tarp from Home Depot to sleep under. Tons of red ants, spiders and other bugs came out at night. Wouldn't trade this trip for anything!

    Fisherman's Life Fly Fishing Shirts:

    Some gear I used in this video:

    Backpacking Backpack:

    ThermaRest Insulator:

    Fly Rod:

    Home Depot Tarp:

    Okuma SST Rod:

    Pflueger Reel:

    Folding Knife:

    Kershaw silver knife