Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday



  • Neddo 1
    Neddo 1 2 months ago+2017

    Matilda: I was a bit nervous to cook for you
    Gordon Ramsay: Why?
    Matilda: Because it’s you

  • Diana L
    Diana L 2 months ago+1921

    "Dad's getting slushy. Maybe that's what happen when you're old"
    Damn. Matilda is savage

  • Glxph Logan
    Glxph Logan 4 months ago+3355

    Wait... HE'S 50?!
    He doesn't look it.

  • Mxis Song
    Mxis Song 4 months ago+1595

    Can someone just take a step back and realize the kids are amazingly talented?

  • Paul Phoenix
    Paul Phoenix 1 months ago+577

    That's how rich is Gordon Ramsay. Not by material things, but by the love of his family.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 7 months ago+1491

    Gordans family: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    Gordons family: Here's a lamb for your birthday!
    Gordon: "tastes the lamb"
    Gordons family"Do you like it?
    Gordon:Yes but I have one question
    Gordons family: What is it?
    Gordon: WhErE's ThE lAmB sAuCe!!!!!

  • Alice Fox
    Alice Fox 7 months ago+570

    He seems like such a lovely dad 😊 his children are very lucky to have him.

  • Katie-jo Williams
    Katie-jo Williams 9 months ago+652

    No offence but that’s no where near enough food to fill my stomach if still be hungry lmao 😂

  • DiRoRhys
    DiRoRhys 7 months ago+1153

    Ok all the comments on Matilda's voice are really annoying me, this clip is a part of HER KIDS SHOW (on CBBC the BBC's children channel) therefore aimed at 7 year olds however as this is posted out of context on her dads channel you get people watching who aren't the target market. So I'd suggest checking out other clips of her show Matilda and the Ramsay bunch to get a better understanding around the fact it is a CHILDRENS SHOW. :)

  • JvGaming
    JvGaming 5 months ago+475

    I’m just waiting at any moment for the music to go dramatic and Gordon just says in a low voice: I T S F U C K I N G R A W S W E E T H E A R T
    But he didn’t and I know he wouldn’t

  • My Dick is Tiny BUT
    My Dick is Tiny BUT 4 months ago+320

    Gordon at 25 had the same face with Gordon at 50?
    Is he a vampire?

  • Lydia Feng
    Lydia Feng 2 months ago+130

    I think its a bit sad how he has to spend his birthday with cameras floating around him

  • Erica Chuah
    Erica Chuah 4 months ago+197

    Matilda be like:there is another surprise guest

  • HarryRox
    HarryRox 2 months ago+122

    Matilda: Look, I made this dish for you!
    Gordon: It's Dry...

  • Payme500
    Payme500 1 months ago+38

    Kids: *Brings food out*
    Gordon: “it’s a bit Raw

  • Luna's Corner
    Luna's Corner 2 months ago+74

    I love Matilda's voice honestly, it makes me feel that I'm in a children's show 😍

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 1 months ago+27

    imagine that he says "THIS IS DISGUSTING! lemme whisper something to you.. YOU CANT COOK! DONKEY!"

  • Superfriendshipgi
    Superfriendshipgi 1 months ago+17

    Tilly: Im really nervous cooking this for you
    Gordon: Why?
    Tilly: Cause your YOU/
    Makes me laugh so hard! >_<

  • Galactic Gaming
    Galactic Gaming 8 hours ago

    5/5 wows from Gordon. I'm impressed at that score.

  • Ryan Bowman
    Ryan Bowman 2 months ago+49

    I don’t personally mind Matilda’s voice during the voice overs. Idk why everyone is hating on it