[Countryhumans] WORD CRIMES | Complete Spoof MAP

  • Published on:  11/19/2019
  • Yknow how in the Europe is Gay MAP America was just bullying everyone? Welp payback time! Too bad he doesn’t even realize UKs taking the piss outta him. America you illiterate bastard.
    So yeah UK tries teaching America PROPER English but- to no avail.. rip!

    I love how this turned out you guys blew me away!! I love all the lil easter eggs you guys really didn’t sleep on that rule. As I said in the MAP call I’ve had this idea since the song came out thank you all sm for participating and making my country-personification-obsessed-high-school-self shed a tear!

    Quick Q&A

    What is a MAP?
    A Multiple Animators Project. Different people worked in different parts which is why the art and editing style changes often.

    Who animated (insert timestamp)?
    The usernames are in the bottom right corner of each part.

    Why u do this?? Americans r not dummy grrrr1!1!1!

    Song- Word Crimes by Weird Al. https://www.201tube.com/video/8Gv0H-vPoDc/video.html