Bouncing Around | Studying the Spain Pick and Roll

  • Published on:  5/8/2021
  • Bouncing Around - The Spain-stravaganza!

    If you want to Bounce Around the episode:

    0:35 - The main draw of running Spain/Stack Pick and Roll action

    0:43 - Sergio Scariolo on Basketball Immersion
    Chris Oliver of Bballimmersion:

    3:06 - How to teams defend the Spain PnR?
    Jenny Boucek:
    Slappin Glass:

    3:35 - Coverage #1: the drop & switch featuring the Philadelphia 76ers

    6:46 - Marc Gasol, a master of recognizing Spain

    7:13 - The aforementioned piece about Jenny Boucek
    Written by Kate Heindl

    9:30 - Coverage #2: switch EVERYTHING

    9:55 - Scram switch sighting

    11:55 - Coverage #3: keep everyone connected (no switches)

    13:04 - Caitlin Cooper referred me to the Suns-Pacers game from January

    15:09 - One-Timers aka I could only find one clip for each team.
    Washington, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Toronto, Miami

    16:17 - Daniel Olinger

    17:40 - Ryan Saunders loves this action for Malik Beasley
    [the introduction of audio for clips]

    18:30 - Tom Thibodeau only runs Spain for Derrick Rose

    19:41 - The Utah Jazz & the art of faking Spain

    20:26 - James Borrego, the Charlotte Hornets, and the magic of LaMelo Ball

    21:20 - Sacramento and the gravity of Buddy Hield as a screener

    21:50 - The Indiana Pacers and the art of masking stack action

    23:30 - Shooters uncork spain

    24:44 - The EVOLUTION of the action

    25:18 - DOUBLE SPAIN?!

    26:06 - Bowser2Bowser
    Their Basketball Action Dictionary was an immense help during all of this:

    26:15 - SPAIN VEER

    27:15 - Dallas & Phoenix being the best in the league at weaponizing the Spain pick & roll. The genius of Luka Doncic and Chris Paul plus the craftiness and creativity of Devin Booker and Jalen Brunson.

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