The $5,000 Corvette C3 is a BARGAIN!!

  • Published on:  2/27/2020
  • @RICKYBOADA ** This is my car **
    If you're looking to get into a classic car but don't have a big budget, or simply want something affordable thats different for weekend drives, then a Corvette C3 is a great option. This is at the bottom of the range for an entry level classic car that looks like you spent way more than the actual cost. These cars have yet to grow in major popularity within the enthusiasts world because they honestly don't drive all that great. The steering wheel is a little off centered, the driving position isn't too comfortable, and the mirrors are almost useless, haha. None the less, the car holds a major cool factor and can be an easy "flip". You can pick up these cars for $5,000-$7,000 and sell for around $10,000 solely just by freshening up the way the car looks. Remember, the price is always dictated by what people are willing to pay for something. I hope you guys enjoy this review and a few things to look for - feel free to reach out if you need help with purchasing or opinion on flipping a car, even properties!

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