Dixie D’Amelio & Josh Richards RELATIONSHIP SECRET + SPILL TEA on Addison Rae & Charli on podcast

  • Published on:  5/20/2021
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    Dixie D’Amelio spills the TEA on a new episode of the BFFs Podcast!
    Dixie first talked about the meaning behind her newest song “F***BOY”. Dave asked Josh and Dixie how well they actually know each other and the two got a little weird. It truly seemed like they were trying to cover something up or keep something a secret! Later on in the episode, Dixie brought up her mom and how she holds a grudge against Josh! Dixie also opened up about her relationship with Addison and the rivals rumors between Charli and Addison.

    0:00 - Intro w/ Kelsey MacDonald
    0:22 - Dixie D'Amelio talks new song ""F***BOY""
    1:13 - Does Dixie consider her ex Griffin Johnson a f***boy?
    1:45 - Dixie talks on what she's working on
    2:02 - Dixie & Josh Richards hiding a secret?!
    2:34 - Addison Rae & Charli D'Amelio rivalry rumors
    3:26 - Why Dixie's mom holds a grudge against Josh!
    4:46 - 'The D’Amelio Show' deets


    Addison Rae CONFIRMS RELATIONSHIP with ex Bryce Hall inspired her album + Bryce FIGHT DRAMA - https://www.201tube.com/video/jtyKgft83ko/video.html

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    Kelsey MacDonald

    Produced by Kelsey MacDonald and Janeisy Perez
    Written by Casey Bailey
    Edited by Jane Chow

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    Dixie D’Amelio & Josh Richards RELATIONSHIP SECRET + SPILL TEA on Addison Rae & Charli on podcast