The Untold Story Of Luka Doncic & Kobe Bryant

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
  • In this #SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at the sudden rise in stardom of Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. From being on pace to winning Rookie of the Year and making the all-star team in his first season in the NBA, it's been only the beginning for Luka as he's always been faced with older competition. From being the youngest to ever compete in an NBA game and to already being praised by Damian Lillard, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and more, he's even got more shocking stories you won't believe including one with Kobe Bryant you won't believe..#LukaDoncic#KobeBryant


  • Josh Lanzon 5 months ago

    Like if he’s going to be rookie of the year

  • Greg Hall 5 months ago

    Vote for him to play on the All-Star team

  • The guy is atleast 2 years ahead of his peers...ROTY

  • EVERYTHING ! ! 4 months ago

    The King-Danchie State of Mind yeah 2 leap years

  • Marko Kadić 5 months ago

    Man you forgot to say, he is Europe champion with his country also. Huge acomplishment. Nice video btw :)

  • Miloš Milenković 1 months ago

    Kadiću izdajico!

  • TheyMade MeDoit 4 months ago

    @Southern Gent you must be American :)

  • reesebaird 5 months ago

    You skipped Slovenias win in the eurobasket before the draft

  • John James Rambo 4 months ago

    Im Batman

  • eric yares 5 months ago

    future mvp on the making

  • Jaime Enrique Cruz 4 months ago


  • charlie kim 5 months ago

    I agree

  • Luca Meloni 5 months ago

    Kobe's advice: Don't pass

  • Bville127 5 months ago

    Mark Cuban found his new Dirk and still has Dirk!!!!

  • Gianni Mejia 5 months ago

    Imagining trading Trae for Luka biggest bargain ever

  • Michael Buchanan 3 months ago

    Tractor trailer for dirk and George hill for kawhi

  • MaxJuilien 3 months ago

    @Jason Joyner Smartest decision he ever made

  • Blake Vickrey 5 months ago

    Luka scored 30, grabbed 6 boards and had 5 assists tonight.