Modoc Plateau Vegetation Mapping, 10/2/2020 GIS examples in BIOS and ArcMap

  • Published on:  1/28/2021
  • This video shows how to access, query, and summarize vegetation data using CDFW BIOS and ArcMap. It was given by Rosie Yacoub, GIS Specialist, VegCAMP and Betsy Bultema, Vegetation Ecologist, VegCAMP.
    00:00 - Introduction
    00:30 - Discover and explore vegetation maps from the Modoc Plateau in BIOS
    08:17 - Add and explore vegetation survey points (ds1020) in BIOS
    11:00 - Querying large diameter and multilayered tree vegetation in BIOS
    14:17 - Filtering for rare vegetation types in BIOS
    16:46 - Navigating to an area of interest and map based selection in BIOS
    19:27 - Querying for species from vegetation surveys in BIOS
    23:32 - Invasive species levels exploration using ArcMap
    29:56 - Summarizing vegetation within a specific area using ArcMap
    34:34 - Wrap up

    Useful links:
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