Film Theory: Exposing Deadpool's SECRET Identity!

  • Published on:  5/25/2017
  • Special Thanks to The Dollar Shave Club for Sponsoring this video!Get the Executive Razor with a tube of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter for ONLY $5 ►► and Morty + Gravity Falls! ►► for More Awesome Theories! ►► is a beloved and familiar Marvel character. In fact, he brings to mind another self-aggrandizing American mercenary. That's right, Deadpool is eerily similar to the real-life author AND canon Marvel character, ERNEST HEMINGWAY! I'm aware that this sounds crazy, but in this episode, I will PROVE that Deadpool IS (maybe) Ernest Hemingway!MORE FILM THEORIESDeadpool WROTE Deadpool! ►►'S SECRET IDENTITY! ►►'s Secret Past! | Kong Skull Island ► Elsa's True Fight For The Throne ► To KILL DEADPOOL! ►►'s True CRIME! | Rick and Morty ►►'s DEADLY Disease! ►► the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! MEDIA:Twitter: @MatPatGTFacebook:


  • tehawsumninja 2 years ago

    You know, sometimes you click on these vids and think: "Okay MatPat, how are you gonna stretch your findings today?" and then you watch the video and you've eaten twelve bags of popcorn, finished a 6 pack of soda, and chewed off all your finger nails trying to find a way to prove that one of the most boring writers in American history is not actually an undead superhero but you can't and you are seriously questioning everything you once believed is true.

  • Arad Dashtian 1 months ago

    Holy likes!!!!!!

  • Brighid Barry 5 months ago


  • TheNoahGW 2 years ago

    Next week we'll find out how President Obama is actually Storm from X-Men. Stay tuned

  • Chad Landon 11 days ago

    Oh wth is happening

  • Blondie Wise 1 years ago

    Comic Theory?Book Theory?Music Theory?YouTube Theory?Theory Theory?

  • kot deadpool 19 hours ago

    Toilet theory

  • Liam Smith yesterday

    What about toy theory

  • ThePivotCrazed 10 months ago

    Has poor eyesight... 'Yes, sure, let's put him on ambulance driving' *facepalm*

  • Gaming Master Anthony 8 months ago

    ThePivotCrazed too be fair, it was war

  • Nabuchodonozord 10 months ago

    Because you can compare being able to drive a car to shooting enemies hidden in bushes, most of which are ghillie'd and smaller than a grain of salt on the horizon, barely discernible. Of fucking course driving a car doesn't have as strict eyesight requirement, not to mention he can have glasses while driving a car, but can't have em on the battlefield. Dropping them while running, jumping, proning, jumping to the ground. Did I mention potential injury when someone punches him in the glasses? Did I men...

  • The Silver Supreme 1 years ago

    I have a theoryDeadpool is Wade Wilson

  • GHMAN 40 2 days ago


  • CircleCeption 16 days ago


  • Pink Master 10 months ago

    Go home MatPat, you’re drunk

  • Liam Smith yesterday

    No one calls matpat a drunk

  • Wishing_Milk Star 15 days ago

    We have to cut off his diet coke, he's had too much. That's how this theory was made.

  • The Capybara Guy 2 years ago

    The text was put in the trailer by Deadpool because he knew MatPat would analyze it.

  • Nora Hohl 1 years ago

    +Jacob Ferrera Voice crack!

  • Evan Volk 9 months ago

    I think ernest "deadpool", when he killed himself via shotgun blast to the head he looses his memory and becomes deadpool in the marvel universe

  • Zsolt Szanda 4 months ago


  • keeganshigh 1 years ago

    The manliest afternoon in history.

  • keeganshigh manliest badass in history

  • Sterling Archer 1 years ago

    This one actually really messed with my mind

  • Grid the xenomorph 6 months ago

    it basically was fucking around with you

  • Papa DragonBorn 8 months ago

    I can imagine with a diet of funny bears and scotch xD