The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand



  • lalauma 1 years ago

    "I ate so much as a kid it frightened my parents"

  • Lumination50 23 days ago

    *insert lenny face*

  • Amb Fu 24 days ago

    “It was me when I was a kid I scared my parents so much they still are scared they think I still eat them they worry about me

  • THE MINDED GUY 1 months ago

    He: _Makes 128 noodles in 10 seconds_Me: Makes 2 minute noodles in 10 minutes

  • Mariam Cooking 6 days ago

    I made a cake in 2 hours and it supposed to be 45 minutes. ._.

  • Mula Ray 9 days ago


  • Adri 3 months ago

    The editing of this video and the video itself is pure gold.

  • Han Zolo 17 days ago

    The slow motion shot of him waving the noodles in the air was incredible. It looked like hair.

  • Lee Pattz a months ago

    Lol I felt I was watching food wars except WTH the cloth tearing off lol

  • YEdwardP 2 months ago

    It's so fascinating to see the differences in their passion.One is a very intimate story about a little boy who never let go of his dreams and wanted to make his family happy through noodles.The other is a transcendental experience, reaching for something greater than the immediate present through noodles.In both cases, you see just how much they care about what they do.

  • Wow the are some good comments

  • The Magic Theatre 19 days ago

    They are both also very indicative of their culture. The first guy is in Hong Kong. Honouring your family (and especially your parents) is extremely important in Chinese culture. Also, medicine and acting are both very highly valued professions. The second guy is in Japan and he talks similarly to a Zen Buddhist monk: valuing the simple things, finding meaning in quiet moments, striving for perfection of something most people consider mundane.

  • Salt Gaming 4 months ago

    At a job interview:So, what talents do you have?I can make 128 noodles in 10 seconds.

  • Bangtan Boi 9 days ago

    Interviewer: you’re hired

  • Yanis NK 11 days ago


  • Spongebob Squarepant 8 months ago

    *Me after watching this video*Me: mom,do we have any flour left?

  • L V 11 days ago


  • 老咩 13 days ago

    one is heavy physical strength demanding and another one is knife work demanding... *good luck*

  • Rishabh Bhatti 1 months ago

    "Very often, people are not sick from body, or the mind, but from heart", those are some really powerful words right there.

  • Slim Inkognito 19 days ago

    Heart, soul, mind - It is the same

  • Aka Kame 1 months ago

    Rebecca Harris It was a famous quote from a chinese writer Lu Xun. He tried to be a doctor, but realized at that age(WWI), the chinese are spiritually calloused and numb. The physical illness can be cured, he thought there is also some medicine that can cure the illness in thought. Therefore, he abandoned medicine for literature.

  • Sw00pty Swoop 2 months ago

    The first guy like "I like cooking and I want to make my mom proud" and the second guy is like " i spent half of my life doing its a art" its like an anime at the end

  • ETin Thiyam 1 months ago

    Every shounen hero/protagonist and his rival/deuteragonist ever.

  • Marshanda Adella 27 days ago

    Now i understand why po's father (the duck from kungfu panda) love making noodle so much :)

  • Chuwi Kitten 3 months ago

    I use my rasengan to mix the noodles perfectly

  • sam ning 6 days ago

    I seal mine in my son's stomach because my noodles come straight from a nightmare.

  • Drew Lane 9 days ago

    Fucking weebs.