I Tried Past Life Regression

  • Published on:  4/9/2020
  • In this video, I experience a past life regression! Past life regression is when someone is able to remember experiences from a previous life, usually through the process of hypnosis. Although the concept of reincarnation has ancient roots, past life regression hypnosis has really only been around since the latter half of the 20th century through the work of psychiatrists such as Dr. Brian L. Weiss and Dr. Ian Stevenson.

    After reading several books written by Dr. Brian L. Weiss, a psychiatrist who documented hundreds of cases of past life regressions in books such as "Many Lives, Many Masters" and "Same Soul, Many Bodies" I was too curious not to dig deeper. I dove into more research on this topic and I decided to try out past life regression for myself.

    I found a psychologist in the LA-area named Dr. Davina Kotulski, who is certified in past life regression hypnosis and trained with Dr. Brian Weiss himself.

    Try a virtual past life regression session with Dr. Davina Kotulski!

    This video not only shows my experience trying past life regression, but also some of the research I found through studying the topics of reincarnation, past lives, and past life regression hypnosis and therapy.

    DISCLAIMER: Past life regression is not a substitute for
    traditional psychotherapy or medical treatment.
    Past life regression is not recommended for those
    experiencing suicidal ideation or psychosis.
    Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider
    with any questions, you may have concerning
    a mental health condition.

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