Two 118-Year-Olds in Bolivia May Be the Oldest Living People on Earth

  • Published on:  11/4/2018
  • Two Bolivian seniors may be the oldest living people on Earth. Zenon and Julia are each allegedly 118 years old, born in the year 1900. If Zenon's age is verified, that would make him the oldest male ever to have lived. Meanwhile, Julia celebrated her big 118 in late October. At a party in her honor, Mama Julia serenaded her admirers on the charango, a kind of lute. Then she tucked in to a healthy serving of one of her favorite foods, cake.


  • char44445
    char44445 5 days ago

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  • Chris Crum
    Chris Crum 5 days ago

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  • xxIluvyouguysxx
    xxIluvyouguysxx 6 days ago

    I can’t imagine living that long 😂

  • Katie Mejan
    Katie Mejan 7 days ago+1

    All my fellow Christians out there, one word: Methuselah😂

  • Caroline Gilmore
    Caroline Gilmore 8 days ago+1

    0:04 orth

  • I am a person who just replied

    Omg they need some real support they better live to 2023 at least like THEY NEED THAT RECORD

  • Slime Keke
    Slime Keke 11 days ago

    My birthday is in nov 4 that’s the day this been posted so that’s how old imma grow on to be or maybe older

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood 12 days ago

    You just witnessed the second life.

  • Vanessa Thaine Galindo

    Quinoa secret 😙😍

  • Gevo A
    Gevo A 12 days ago

    Black people be like "slavery was still around in the US back then"

  • Rosario De Castro
    Rosario De Castro 12 days ago

    In our country in philipines one woman is 120 years old

  • Lone Wolfgang
    Lone Wolfgang 12 days ago

    They were freshmen in high school when WWI broke out.

  • Anna Okuneva
    Anna Okuneva 12 days ago


  • Blessed Princessa
    Blessed Princessa 12 days ago

    A woman in my country Jamaica is 120 years
    Sooo nooo they’re not the oldest

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 12 days ago

    I wonder if they still poke......

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    #50 on Trending!

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    Es increíble

  • Lea Keo
    Lea Keo 12 days ago

    Omg they must be so healthy and strong meanwhile I’m probably gonna die soon from the amount of Mountain Dew I drink in a day

  • James V.
    James V. 12 days ago

    When they still ask for your I.D but you're 118 years old!🙃

  • simon alvarez1324
    simon alvarez1324 12 days ago

    parece un puto cadaver momificado