Discover the Best Hotels & Delicious Restaurants of West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Published on:  10/5/2019
  • Florida, did you miss us? My latest trip to the Sunshine State was a delicious and delightful visit to West Palm Beach for some fantastic food, yacht tours, and resort life. The trip kicked off with some hard work as I blended my margarita with the help of an exercise bike before I hopped on a private yacht to learn about the city and its history. West Palm Beach’s central location makes for easy access to other top locales in the state. After getting treated to a glass of bubbly, I toured the historic Breakers Resort and their Imperial Suite, which is just as grand as it sounds. Then it was back on the bike to WPB’s Regional Kitchen, to get a taste of what many consider Florida’s top fried chicken. Watch to find out if it lived up to its name.


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