See Lala And Kway's Epic And Hilarious Dance-Off | BET Social Awards

  • Published on:  2/12/2018
  • BlameItOnKway & LaLaSizaHands perform every new dance trend in under two minutes!

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  • Emma French
    Emma French 4 days ago

    LoL 💀☺☺

  • Michael. harvey
    Michael. harvey 21 days ago

    Omg love them this was funny asf

  • Not Your Friend
    Not Your Friend 23 days ago


  • young swag
    young swag a months ago


  • D. Joseph
    D. Joseph 1 months ago

    And this is why black women can't get feminine 😒

  • grace Loreal
    grace Loreal 1 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂oooo it is you.....he so funny dawg

  • WordsOf Wisdom
    WordsOf Wisdom 1 months ago

    Why was they so stiff

  • Sierra
    Sierra 1 months ago

    I love titi and lala

  • Roasting Royalty
    Roasting Royalty 1 months ago

    Titi was kinda stiff

  • Youtube Video Ranker
    Youtube Video Ranker 1 months ago

    Great work. You are #2 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'social media awards'.You are almost there.

    MISS DIENYE 1 months ago

    who watched their Q&A video before this

  • Erin. DaYoungan
    Erin. DaYoungan 1 months ago

    Yoo i forgot his name what was it 0:01

  • nicwavy fu
    nicwavy fu 1 months ago

    I love mr hot spot

  • AmiMinako
    AmiMinako 2 months ago

    I'm sorry this was hilarious to who?

  • Berries Galore
    Berries Galore 2 months ago

    This is some bs!!😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Ski lai Harris
    Ski lai Harris 2 months ago

    I would did do much better yo waste ... I love u guys but the energy was trash . i am dancer that one of the main thing. Need if u can't remember the steps at least have energy . imma performer so i know how to entertain a crowd if i forgot a step . energy have everyone hype. They don't know shit unless u make them see u messed up . lay lay was great tho. I love both u guys just wish u can let us see the ratchet sexy side ..

  • Mukbangz with Aly
    Mukbangz with Aly 2 months ago

    Yasss sis 🔥🔥

  • Boston Cream
    Boston Cream 2 months ago

    Is KWAY really Gay 🌈

  • Krystin Grant
    Krystin Grant 2 months ago


  • Diamond_ Divaa
    Diamond_ Divaa 2 months ago

    Titi looked nervous....lala aaate!!