Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan talk World Cup victory l GMA



  • Cecil Treadwell 13 days ago

    Crystal Dunn, as Left Back, was an essential ingredient in our success.Make no mistake about that!Her performance was SUPER ESSENTIAL.

  • Cecil Treadwell 13 days ago

    The excellence of Tobin Heath has become so consistent it has become standard when it should be thoroughly celebrated.

  • Cecil Treadwell 8 days ago

    @Jo Berg She more than tries. She's held that position since 2008. Great rum.

  • Jo Berg 8 days ago

    She tries to do to much dribbling.

  • Jonathon Lemus 8 days ago

    Crystal Dunn and Rose Lavelle, breakout stars of the World Cup

  • hushg2000 12 days ago

    Carli the bad bitch and Heath not speak? Blasphemy lol ... and my amiga Press not one word either :( But Lloyd should have spoken tho ... but I do understand there are too many stars on this team

  • Eric Brown an hour ago

    I love Christen Press. She would be the star striker on any team that didn't have Alex Morgan. Really hope they broadcast some Utah Royals games so I can watch her play. She had a sick goal for them yesterday I think.

  • LaurikeG 24 13 days ago

    Everyone with shades on are definitely still hungover👏😂😂

  • Eire Saoirse 6 days ago

    Just remember everybody megan rapinhoe deserves it....

  • Héloïse Kernevy 11 days ago

    Tobin seems to be thinking "when can we leave"? lol

  • TBA 11 days ago

    Wanted to hear from Tobin and Christen too

  • Sattler 12 days ago

    Rose Lavelle has become my favorite soccer player in the women US national team! Plus she is gorgeous!

  • Tom thx 6 days ago

    She is probably better looking than the rest of the lesbians who make up the team, but thats not saying much


  • Harry Dickinson 12 days ago

    Determined to be the best..Yield the power within..Knowledge inherits success..Everyone stand together..Stay true to yourself..

  • Va Ri 4 days ago

    Tobin Heath❤❤😍😍