Illuminati Confessions - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 85

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • Illuminati Confessions - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 85

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    Today I come out of the closet about my long time involvement with my favorite secret society, the Illuminati.


  • Awesome Avenger's Faithful Canine Sidekick

    It's now 2018 and if u were to call a half reptilian/half human a 'cross breed' you would likely get punched like the nazi you are. The correct terminology is Bi-reptilian.

  • Maritime Medium
    Maritime Medium 16 days ago

    Incredibly brilliant! Keep raising consciousness dude!

  • Papa TV
    Papa TV 17 days ago

    This is no comedy this is truth. But I've never expected you to be part of the illuminati.

  • Tolbat
    Tolbat 18 days ago

    Angels came down here and taught mankind a lot of skills and technology and arts. Says so in the Bible. They think without them were useless stinky ape like creatures who are just simpletons. But we were meant for so much more were meant to fellowship with God and we have something special about us that the angels dont have. This in many ways is the attitude of the fallen ones and other entities separate from God. Maybe this man here is telling you some truths. You dont know this guy but he sure is coming out in EVERY video and calling everyone out on their crap while he sits back with the power of feeling like hes ABOVE it all because he acknowledges it. Yes its funny but there is something off about JP. Remember part of Tim verse 3 in the Bible, "having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people." JP is very god like. Very smart man with great self control and seems to have some sort of spiritual wisdom but he doesnt give the Lord The Bible is the most accurate history book ever written so when someone acts like its fantasy beware...thats a deception in itself regardless of the belief in Jesus or not.

  • Lisa wells-baker
    Lisa wells-baker 18 days ago

    The Denver airport....lmao!!!

  • Shanti Cardoza
    Shanti Cardoza 26 days ago

    Too good

  • Steven
    Steven 27 days ago

    Dude, you are so funny. Thank You.

  • Olena K
    Olena K a months ago

    You can't stop us, foolish humans. We, reptilians, already enslaved you. Just obey quietly and stop complaining in YouTube comments. You can escape from us but only if you reject your comfortable life, electricity, internet, shower and run away far in the woods. But you won't do that because you like living your life in civilization.

  • A Virus
    A Virus 1 months ago


  • spoddie
    spoddie 1 months ago

    FAKE !!!!!!
    Too much Ayahuasca, dude

  • Whatever
    Whatever 1 months ago

    I'm offended by this video not being offensive enough.

  • cyan tess
    cyan tess 1 months ago

    it takes all sorts to make the world

  • james storm
    james storm 1 months ago

    Great video love it.

  • bigmassivebrid
    bigmassivebrid 1 months ago

    How come he never mentioned Beyoncé and Jay Z?! I call bullshit!

  • Zane Orkenn
    Zane Orkenn 1 months ago

    Oh, the illuminati? You mean those pathetic weak reptilians? Eh, they're nothing... *BECAUSE I AM A GOD*

  • love thy enemy
    love thy enemy 2 months ago

    K u n t

  • Rover Cycler
    Rover Cycler 2 months ago

    the reporter is not too bright

  • Tim Fatale
    Tim Fatale 2 months ago

    Now the lizard people I call bullshit, BUT the other shit...I feel for the ones that can't see the ture. When their reality is shattered...but we all die in life. Fucking enjoy life before your reality and what little World becomes shock and all... keep up the good fight or die trying.

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker 2 months ago

    hey how do you get something out of absolutely nothing.