Pink -Try (Lyrics)

  • Published on:  9/15/2012
  • Try by P!NK!


  • i listen to this while I'm doing math.

  • SANDRA DARGAN 3 hours ago

    It was me, Añxīëty same btw I’m a kid

  • One True King Of Smug 1 months ago

    You've gotta get up and try

  • onyii titus 6 months ago

    2019 who is here with me

  • Baia Phi 5 days ago


  • Gerald Bereber 5 days ago


  • ARKANGHEL 1 months ago

    Idol Philippines brought me here.

  • It's Angel 22 days ago

    ARKANGHEL sameeee

  • Dione Brooks Igot 22 days ago

    i feel you 😊

  • Angel J.P 1 years ago

    Two years ago I was gonna try to commit suicide cause my mom and Dad were always fighting and my sister would always go to party’s and so I couldn’t talk to her about this. then about two months later my brother ran away so then I discovered this song and it helped me a lot 🙂 there will always be love ❤️

  • Noveria Wowiling 1 months ago

    When you feeling down,just remember u r not alone. There is someone out about you.

  • Danixx Advientxx 1 months ago

    Hi there beautiful! I'm hoping that until now you're still living life and keep on gettin' up to learn and know that u r loved. Love you❤❤❤❤

  • Sonali Advani 1 years ago

    After so many years , I actually feel every single word she is singing. The love she is talking about, the desire to not give up and learn how to love ourselves !

  • Lindsey Clemons 1 months ago

    Sonali Advani same

  • Brandon Shaw 3 years ago

    everyone is like "i'm going to sing this to my ex"and i'm just sitting there like i don't have a ex so i sing it to the pizza delivery guy when he is late :)

  • Ren Martinez 10 days ago

    You're definitely going to get free pizza after that 😏 Lmao

  • Erinn Yori 2 months ago


  • lucija_perisa 2 years ago

    who else is just listining older songs and thinking about going back i that good times

  • Verno Johnson 3 months ago

    shut the hell up.

  • LibCreeps Gaming 1 years ago

    2018 anyone

  • Wesley Pippin 5 months ago

    TRY 2019

  • Joemar Vergara 5 months ago

    Me 2018-2019

  • ignacio castillo 1 years ago

    It's amazing how this song is helping me to overcome my panic attacks.

  • Brianna Nieves 29 days ago


  • RoseHeart_ MLP 1 years ago

    If only teachers let us listen to music during class.... Know what I mean?

  • Busta Mango Sings 18 days ago

    You gotta get up and try, try, try!

  • Charlie Renenhan 1 months ago

    What I do I put my phone in my blazer pocket and my headphones through the sleeve that you don't write with then when you lean on your hand you get music (try at you own risk)