Who Are You In Your Friend Group? A Cool Personality Test

  • Published on:  10/30/2018
  • There are never 2 people alike in a friend group. Moreover, most of us can be easily divided into 5 different “friend” archetypes. Are you responsible, organized, and reserved? Or are you independent, opinionated, confident, and full of fun? Maybe you're very genuine, sincere, and kind person who's always ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it?

    All you have to do is answer honestly and keep track of your answers! In the end, your most frequently chosen letter will reveal who you are in your friend group.

    Question #1 0:55
    Question #2 1:34
    Question #3 2:00
    Question #4 2:33
    Question #5 3:00
    Question #6 3:37
    Question #7 4:10
    Question #8 4:37
    Question #9 5:00
    Question #10 5:26


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    - If your most frequently used letter is A, you're the “mom” of the group. Even though your friends may tease you for it a little bit, they still love and appreciate your rational mind and your ability to be there for them no matter what.
    - If you mostly went for B, you're the “cool rebel” of the bunch! You're always pushing them to be unapologetically themselves and bring even more fun and spontaneity into their lives, and they endlessly value your friendship for that.
    - If answers under the letter C were your personal faves, you're the “peacemaker” of the group. You're the friend everybody seeks comfort and advice from because you're a good listener and a really wise person. These qualities also help you keep your group from breaking apart whenever everybody suddenly starts to fight.
    - If the majority of your answers were Ds, you're the “fun clown” of your group. You're usually the one who always throws sarcastic and hilarious comments to make everybody around you cry with laughter. You like to kindly tease your friends and make fun of them, but you never cross the line, so they know that it's all for a good laugh.
    - If most of your answers are Es, you're the “baby” of your group. You're sweet and innocent, and you have a very vivid imagination, which allows you to come up with the most creative solutions. You have tons of hobbies, and you're passionate about pretty much all of them! And your ability to think outside of the box makes you an even better creator.

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