The Predator - Movie Review

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • Predator gets another sequel, this time with more humor...which is a growing trend among blockbuster movies looking to capture that MCU magic. Here's my review of THE PREDATOR!


  • LLY Project
    LLY Project 44 minutes ago

    It be cool to see one where it's on their home planet if they are really looking for a change

  • Kate pro
    Kate pro an hour ago

    Holy hell Jeremy i very much dislike consumerism but if u just Named the specific desert i would go right now and buy it )) U are such a charismatic promoter !

  • Hawkinszm1
    Hawkinszm1 8 hours ago

    This review was as bad as the movie

    STRV FIT 8 hours ago

    Anyone notice the main bad guy blows his own head off accidentally with a plasma cannon

  • Маркус Шепард

    "The predator 2018" deserves angry Hitler review... and become oblivius after that...
    so shitty movie...

  • Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    There wasn't a single line of quotable dialogue in this piece of shit film.

  • Jannie Buitendag
    Jannie Buitendag 10 hours ago

    The Predator movie was a ..................JOKE!!!! A BULLSHIT JOKE!!!

    BLANTTA2 11 hours ago

    So...if the humor is supposed to be bad, then why did I laugh? Is the point of jokes to not make you laugh? If one of your complaints about this film is the humor, you need to check yourself because that argument makes no sense at all.

  • kingjaymoney 561
    kingjaymoney 561 13 hours ago

    I honestly loved the movie

  • Joseph Louis
    Joseph Louis 14 hours ago

    They should make a predator movie back In time , like the 1900 or something. The movies reference predators have been around for hundreds of years. It would be a new good story

  • Royal Jai
    Royal Jai 16 hours ago

    Bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger....

  • Karen Wetzel
    Karen Wetzel 16 hours ago

    Do A Simple Favor

  • John O'Doherty
    John O'Doherty 18 hours ago

    Yeah, it was crap, a total cluster fuck

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 20 hours ago

    I honestly loved it even though it didn't make much sense.

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs 22 hours ago

    Not mention at all about how and why Olivia Munn keeps getting cast in franchise action roles?

  • Gforce784
    Gforce784 23 hours ago

    My personal ranking of Predator films (favorite to least favorite):
    Predator (1987) - 4.5/5
    The Predator (2018) - 4/5
    Predators (2010) - 4/5
    Predator 2 (1990) - 2.5/5
    Alien vs. Predator (2004) - 1/5
    AVP: Requiem (2007) 0/5

  • Great White
    Great White 23 hours ago

    The predator killer should have been a xenomorph

  • M15949
    M15949 yesterday

    stopped being scary the second the anorexic guy from the piano single handedly beat em all down.

  • Carlos Marroquin
    Carlos Marroquin yesterday

    I bet the next sequel is going to be called " The Ultimate Predator"...

  • Jose Ripley Gonzalez

    Me and my friend actually dug this flick. It should probably be noted that we also love Alien Resurrection though. If Sci-fi comic booky fun is your thing then you’d probably be fine with this one.